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5 Ways to Soften & Smooth Your Feet

Recently, I realised that my feet and heels area keeps on becoming so dry and started to crack more seriously than usual. Well, I would have to blame it on my not-so-comfortable sandal that I've been wearing lately, so everything is on me. It reached the point of turning so bad that I had to try different approaches to fix it. After several experiments and testing, thankfully it is getting better. Knowing that there might be others who is facing the same issue, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I have.

Feet Cream & Lotion

Foot creams and lotions are one of the quickest, and hassle-free solution for dry and cracked heels issue. There are many types of them but from my experience, I found that they are either the prevention type or the repair type. I've actually tested several products from different brands and I realised that some of them won't work if you are looking for a formulation to heal the cracked heel issue. For example; I purchased the Calmia Silky Soft Foot Cream but after using it for a few weeks, I find that it just give a temporary hydration to the dry skin without helping to fix the issue. This kind of foot lotion is great for prevention, mostly by helping to soften your feet. I have to admit I love the scent from this Calmia foot cream. Definitely something I'll use everyday once my cracked heels issue is solved. You can get this one from

Meanwhile, the Rosken Feet & Heel Balm is the type that helps to repair and heal your ongoing issue. I purchased this from the drug store for about RM20+ since it claims to show a visible effect in 3 days. Thankfully, the cream really works and the cracked part has started to become less obvious. The only thing I don't like about this cream is that the balmy layer protecting the skin makes my steps become slippery (even after it totally dries off) but I can just live with it since it really work.

I would have to say that I love the Agnesia Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream the best though. I tried them before from a sample tube that I got somewhere. The cream is thicker and less watery. I think that this is great since the more watery the foot cream/lotion is, the higher chance for it to get wiped off when my feet accidentally touched something. In overall, if you are having the same issue or want to prevent it from happening, foot lotion is something that you need to have on your vanity. After all, our feet need some love too!

Masking for Feet

I first discovered feet mask about five years ago when I was window shopping at Etude House. Some feet masks only help to give extra moisture to your to your dry feet especially around the heels area and help to reduce the chances of cracking. This is a great way to maintain the hydration level but sometimes you just need to find something more. I suggest you to try using peeling mask for the foot as they'll help to remove the dead skin off your feet, making it smooth like a baby's butt. 

One of the best foot peeling mask that I've tried is a Japanese best seller called Baby Foot (which you can get in Watsons Malaysia). They come in a box containing a pair of socks-shaped mask and inside of them contain the gel to help the removal of dead skin cells. The interesting part is that you can choose the size of the mask and I'm using the size 'M' on myself. Containing 17 types of natural extracts, all you have to do is put them on for a good 30 minutes and wash them off after it's done. There are five types of peeling that you might experience:

Powder Peeling: 
Peels off like powder. Tru to take longer shower/bath to soften the skin area and rub them off.

Flakes Peeling:
A Bigger piece of dead skin flakes off skin like dirt. Usually at the arch of the foot where there are thinner skin layers.

Scaly Peeling:
Just like scales, it will peel off gradually starting with the fissure. Usually, they happen on parts with more dead skin layers.

Zurumuke Peeling:
May look like moulting of animal (a bit scary looking) but it'll depend on how much dead skin is accumulated on your foot.

Zurumuka X:
Peeled off as one sheet of skin. 

The peeling effect will start very soon and it'll take a few days (2-7 days depending on people) for all the dead skin cells to be removed completely from your feet. I'd recommend wearing socks while the peeling is happening as it can get a little messy sometimes. The peeling formulations use gentle fruit acid for skin and are maintain at PH 3.5 so you won't have worry about over peeling of the skin either. It's also recommended to use the product after the bath and massage the foot while having the mask on to promotes better penetration into the skin.

Use a Feet Scrubber

A pretty traditional approach, you can just buy a feet scrubber from brands like Veet at any supermarket or pharmacies. This is a great tool to prevent the build up of dead skin cells and also helps with blood circulation under your feet. In the olden days, people have also use the stones and pebbles taken from rivers. It works the same and actually lasts even longer than the conventional plastic type. Of course, you have to make sure to pick a suitable one so you wouldn't hurt yourself while scrubbing.

On top of that, you can also use a body scrub on your feet area. For example; the Dirty Benefits Body Scrub that I've reviewed previously or you can also DIY them yourself. There are a lot of different ways available to find online. You can just pick one that appeals to you the most! My personal favourite is the salt and baking soda pairing.

Give it a Warm Dip

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Giving your feet a soak in warm water also helps to soften the accumulating dead skin cells. Not just that, the warm temperature also helps to relieve pain and aches caused by long distance walking, help reduce swelling and also prevent the growth of bacteria. There are several types of foot soak, but I highly recommend adding some essential oils inside of them too! The scent will be therapeutic and some essential oil can help solve issues related to the feet. Example; Cedarwood oil has good anti-fungal properties and rosemary oil helps to soothe tired muscle and also have antiseptic properties. 

Comfort Over (With) Style

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Well, some people might find this advice a little hard to follow especially those who can't live without their pretty high heels and stilettos, but believe me, your feet need to rest sometimes. Opt for a more comfortable footwear once in awhile; preferably shoes with soft soles and support or just wear sneakers with comfy socks inside. When my feet started to get drier and rougher than usual, I'll just dump my hard sandals and use sneakers instead. Believe me, walking on soft ground will make the recovery faster! 

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Feet are so important but people always forget bout them. Have to give more attention to my feet after this.

  2. Powder Peeling ? never try before = =

    1. Me neither. When I tried this one, I experienced the flakes peeling more ^^

  3. this is very interesting! i will definitely buy this product so that i can save money to go for salon. lol.

  4. My favourite solution is the foot mask. I use a number of brands. They are very effective, too!

  5. I seldom scrub my foot as I so lazy but I only apply cream when go to bed. I think I have to take extra effort to protect my foot as I have cracked heel. sob...sob...

  6. I must admit that my feet are so neglected - this is giving me some inspiration to start looking after my feet a little bit more!

  7. I've seen my friend did the foot peel and I have to admit it kinda scary but the end result is so awesome. haha

  8. Yeah, feet somehow could out of our radar. But, yeah we should take care pf our feet.
    Thanks for sharing!



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