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Mamonde 🌸 Flower Pop Eyebrick & Flower Pop Blusher

Hello, friends! Today I am going to share about two new Mamonde products from the Flower Pop Range which are the Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher and the Mamonde Flower Pop Eyebrick. Mamonde Malaysia sent this to me to commemorate the opening of their new counter in Parkson, KLCC so of course I am going to review these babies for you guys. To be honest, when the news reached me, I could not believe they've already opened their 6th beauty counter in Malaysia because I can still vividly remember myself attending their 'blooming' launching event last year. How time flies!

How to Use an Aloe Vera Gel?

As a makeup and skincare enthusiast, quite a few people have asked me what is that one versatile product that I need to have on my vanity? 😎To be honest, my answer varies from time to time but in a lot of cases, I often mentioned that an aloe vera gel is one of the must have beauty item by everyone. Why? It's a multi purpose product with a fairly simple ingredients list (less complicated)that is affordable and most importantly; works like wonder. In the recent years, this fact has been proven even truer when the aloe very gels started to turn into a total craze, especially among K-Beauty lovers. πŸ’•

Colourpop Nectar Collection Haul πŸ‘: I Went Crazy!

Today haul post is slightly embarrassing because I intended to make it two months ago but I never did. πŸ™Š Of course, I know that is not a reason why I shouldn't post now; especially with all the efforts of taking the pictures and swatches which I managed to get an extra help from Eros fishmeatdie. Seriously, he is one of the most dedicated and creative bloggers that I know in real life & he's been helping me a lot with pictures these days (i'm more of a blabber material)! His concept for every blog post is just amazing. πŸ‘ (Okay Eros, did my PSA for you as promised πŸ˜‚ )

Breena Beauty πŸ’„ Velvet Matte Creme Range Review & Swatches

Hello, friends! Today, I am going to share about one of my favourite matte lipstick range and they are from a local brand Breena Beauty which was founded by one of my blogger friend Sabrina Tajudin. Honestly, I have been a loyal follower of her blog and when I found out that she was going to release a new matte lipstick line, I just couldn't contain my excitement! I made my order right after the lipsticks were released as I had to be the one to take the first dips at them no matter what (don't want to be left out!) and to my pleasant surprise, I ended up loving the formulation so much that I now own all nine shades of the Breena Beauty Velvet Matte Creme πŸ’„(bought with my own $$$).

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