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Colourpop Nectar Collection Haul 🍑: I Went Crazy!

Today haul post is slightly embarrassing because I intended to make it two months ago but I never did. 🙊 Of course, I know that is not a reason why I shouldn't post now; especially with all the efforts of taking the pictures and swatches which I managed to get an extra help from Eros fishmeatdie. Seriously, he is one of the most dedicated and creative bloggers that I know in real life & he's been helping me a lot with pictures these days (i'm more of a blabber material)! His concept for every blog post is just amazing. 👍 (Okay Eros, did my PSA for you as promised 😂 )

This haul is actually my first Colourpop haul + experience, and quite a big one at that too. Spent above USD50 💸 to get the free worldwide shipping and to be honest it took me awhile to finalise my order because I wanted to get everything on their website! 😂 This was the reason why I hesitated to jump into the Colourpop bandwagon initially, I knew it's a dangerous game to play and I was totally right!

The parcel took about a month to arrive at me ( I didn't exactly keep track) but I find the time frame acceptable since its a worldwide shipping. So, here are what I got from the haul:

1. Blow Me Away Eye shadow Palette ($28.8)
2. The Knockout Palette ($12.8)
3. Waffle Highlighter Set ($16)
4. Up and Away Lip Set ($12)
5. Cut Outs Single Eye shadow ($4)
6. Taurus Lippie Stix ($4)

As you can see, there is some kind of colour theme 🍑 going on in this haul. One of my favourite look to go with is the peachy-orange makeup; so the Blow Me Away Eye Shadow Palette and the Knockout Palette caught my eye almost immediately.

At first I wanted to get the eye shadow palette + lipstick trio set + knockout palette of the Nectar Collector series but from the swatches online I think the lips shades won't suit my skin tone so I gave up on the Phase 1 lipstick bundle. Instead; I got the two palettes I mentioned above along with the Cut Outs single eye shadow instead.

I was also looking for a nice highlighter and the Waffle Highlighter Set was like a total deal especially since Flexitarian is included as one of the trio. I've always wanted to try this highlighter so it was really a good pick. The other two highlighters included are called Glazed and Scrumptious.

For the lipstick, after giving it some thoughts, I decided to get the Taurus Lippie Stick from the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop collaboration as well as the Up and Away Lip Set. I am into chocolate & brownish lip shades these days so that explains why I choose the Taurus 😂 Meanwhile the shades inside the Up and Away Lip Set are versatile since I got a slightly pinkish shade of Calypso Ultra Satin Lip, a more reddish-brown shade of Ultra Matte Lip Love Bug (rich mahogany) and a burnt orange shade of Ultra Matte Lip Mama that'll fit colour theme of the Blow Me Away palette as well.

So yeah, overall I'd give my haul a 4.8/5 star because you can say that I am totally happy with what I purchase. The leftover 0.2 is just a gap left as a room for improvement *giggles*. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my haul post and I will be back posting individual reviews of these products and their swatches as soon as I can so stay tuned!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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