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Mamonde 🌸 Flower Pop Eyebrick & Flower Pop Blusher

Hello, friends! Today I am going to share about two new Mamonde products from the Flower Pop Range which are the Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher and the Mamonde Flower Pop Eyebrick. Mamonde Malaysia sent this to me to commemorate the opening of their new counter in Parkson, KLCC so of course I am going to review these babies for you guys. To be honest, when the news reached me, I could not believe they've already opened their 6th beauty counter in Malaysia because I can still vividly remember myself attending their 'blooming' launching event last year. How time flies!

I went slightly over-excited the first time I saw the Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher when I opened the PR package they sent me. The blooming rose texture on top makes it looks super pretty & perfect for any girls vanity. Comes in eight different shades, the colour that I received is in Rose Bay which is a pretty toned down pinkish red colour. The other variants available are Pansy, Rosy, Daisy, Lily, Peony, Camellia and Ginger. Meanwhile, my Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick palette comes in Burgundy Pansy which comes with a beautiful combination burgundy-brown based shades. Other shades available for include Golden Beige, Laura Coral, Pale Purple and Rosy Rose.

The Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher has a really great pigmentation and is buildable as well. A little goes a long way so make sure to be careful to not over do it on your cheeks! On my first use, I went kind of heavy with my brush swirl so I ended up with a lot of products in one swipe. Not that I am complaining though, I just need to blend it more to make it look natural.

The Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick is also as pigmented as its sister blusher. The formulation of the shades are very soft; they glides almost cream-like when swatched with fingers and yet are also brushes friendly. They are also blendable and stays on the lid over a fairly long period of time. There are some fall outs though if you are not careful with your brush swipe; so make sure to not pick up too much products at one time.

I tested these two during my previous team bonding session with the Althea team last week and even after a good seven hours, the eyeshadow is still rocking my lids like it was during the first hour. The blusher kind of fades off quicker that day as it becomes lighter after four hours, but it could be because I forgot to spray a fixer before I head out. The fact that I can't keep my hands off my face might also be one of the factors why it fades off quickly, but to be honest four hours with a slight colour left is still acceptable for me.

So far, I have little complaint about these babies. If you want to experience trying them out and swatching them on yourself, make sure to visit Mamonde new counter today! According to Mamonde, "the beauty counter is a reflection of its latest brand concept ‘Journey of Flowers’which aims to improve customers’ experience when visiting the boutiques or beauty counters so that they are able to immerse themselves in the vitality and beauty of flowers which are used in Mamonde products," so I am sure you will have fun there!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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