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Prep for the Run πŸƒ with Nivea Protect & Care

Why do you put on a deodorant? To make sure your bodily scent doesn't cause any inconvenience to other people? While that reason is primarily why I started to use a deodorant, I also knew that deodorant application can also act as a protective layer between our skin towards unwanted intruders; such as germs etc. Our underarm is a pretty sensitive & vulnerable area; between the occasional shavings or plucking, it has a higher tendency to get irritated if it's not cared for properly.

Plucking your underarm hairs by the roots, for example, may lead to damaging hair follicles, increase the possibility of ingrown hairs and enlarged pores. Meanwhile, shaving tends to lead to small cuts & the debris removed during shaving may contain up to 36% of the skin. That is why you will need something to protect your newly shaved/plucked underarm while they're recovering by creating a safe barrier from outside irritation.

My Review

My favourite deodorant brand, Nivea recently launched a new range 'Protect & Care' specifically used to help us with this. It's enriched with the essence of Nivea crΓ¨me, with distinctive care ingredient and delicate scent to help:

1. Offers up to 48 hours long lasting protection to your underarm
2. Gently cares for your skin with its innovative and skin-friendly formula.
3. Keep your underarms fresh, soft and smoother.

I was sent a set of their new products which includes the Nivea Anti Perspirant 48 Hours Protect & Care roll on and spray type. Being a fan of Nivea deodorants, I've tried quite a few of their other range including, the Nivea Whitening Roll On and also Nivea White & Firm Serum Roll on which I both love. That's why I got pretty excited to review on it. In order to organise my thoughts when trying this new product on, I decided to focus on answering a  few questions while trying it on:

1. Does it feel sticky after dries off? 
Not sticky at all. It feels very comfortable after it dries off.

2. Does it last the whole day? 
I couldn't test the 48 hours claim since I had to take a shower lol but it does last throughout the day from the morning before I start work until the time I got home.

3. Does it irritate my underarms skin? 
No. Like other Nivea deodorant I've tried before, there is no irritation on my skin!

4. Do I like the scent?
Personally, I don't like spray type deodorant because I have asthma and their scent are usually too much for me, so the same goes to this one. On the other hand, I love the roll type scent! 

In overall, I think this range is a pretty good multi-purpose product that can both care and protect my underarm in one go! They're also affordable & comes in a really nice packaging (super love the glass bottle of the roll on type!). For the fun of it, I also posted a quick poll on my Instagram stories to know which type of deodorant my friends prefer (roll vs spray) and 57% who voted prefer roll-on type like me. *high-five* So, let me know which one you prefer in the comment down below!

The Nivea Anti Perspirant 48 Hours Protect & Care Roll on comes in 50ml bottle and the Nivea Anti Perspirant 48 Hours Protect & Care Spray comes in 150ml spray can. Each of the product cost RM11.30 and RM17.20  respectively which I think is pretty affordable. Based on my previous experience, one bottle of the roll on can last me up to 2-3 months which is really worth the money.

Nivea Care Run

Nivea along with the Nivea Protect & Care range will be hosting the Nivea Care Run on 29th October 2017 (Sunday) in Presint 6, Putrajaya and a part of the proceed from this event will be donated to Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG) to help those in needs. They are aiming to have 3000 participants for this event so make sure you sign up to them on ! It's time to get healthy, and at the same time help those in need. Each participant will be charged RM65 as the fee and they will also receive a running kit & Nivea products worth more than RM100. If you are interested make sure to join the event & use the Nivea Protect & Care product to keep yourself fresh throughout the run! For more info about Nivea, visit their page on

Till next post, toodles~! ♥γƒŸ


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