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Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda Review & Swatches ✨

Hello, friends!
It's been a week since 2018 started, and just like previous years, I've finished jotting down resolutions and goals for the year. Albeit knowing some people who think that 'new year, new me' concept is just straight up nonsense, I actually find myself to be more focused and determined at something if I actually set it as my goal for the year. I've been trying to follow my resolutions strictly for the pasts few years and so far, I've managed to complete, maybe not all but a majority number of them. So, a big yay for Anis, please! I had about ten specific goals last year and thankfully, I managed to achieve eight of them successfully. Although I had to carry forward my two goals this year, I think I would be able to clear it too. Hwaiting! 

To keep my self on track, I always make sure that I can see and read my goals as much and often as I can; and that's where my yearly planner comes into action. I've been using them since I was in high school so it has become a habit for me to get a planner or diary for myself every new year. It's kind of a mental note exercise because when you keep on reading something over and over again, your subconscious will actually take note of it and start working on achieving it. 

So if you're a planner user like me, you would know how costly it can be to get a decent, and cute planner! It could cost you up to RM200 if you have specific needs in mind. I was actually still in the midst of deciding if I should get another planner from Typo store this year like I did two years back when I came across the Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda Set during the Boxing Day Sale in Sephora Malaysia last year! They were offering a whopping 50% off for this set, which ended up costing me only RM140 to get the whole set instead of the full price of RM280. That's about only $35 only! It's such a bargain because the set came with a beautifully designed planner, a planner cover, one eyeshadow palette containing 24 super pigmented shades, one highlighter shade, one blusher shade, one bronzer shade, one deluxe size of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (one of their highly raved product) and one deluxe size of Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick! Amazing right?

Let's start by talking about it's leatherette mini zip around agenda cover. Honestly, it's an absolute love! I just adore the feminine pink colour of it and the small mirror inside because a girl gotta have her mirror everywhere, right? *giggles* It also comes with a slot to put in a pen, and two smaller slot for cards or separate notes or letter. The 'Don't let today be a waste of makeup' gold detailing just makes it look much fancier and cute too! The leather-like material doesn't feel cheap either; with this much quality, I actually won't mind paying RM140 for just the planner itself.

Not just that, the design and detailing of the hardcover planner inside is even better! Each page and section is so cute I almost can't bear to write anything on them. On top of that, there are two pages filled with cute Too Faced inspired stickers waiting to be used (see the third picture from the top). So adorable. Other than that, there are 12 months monthly planner page, a 'To-Do' page for each of the month, pages for notes, random fun facts given by Jerrod Blandino (Too Faced co-founder and Chief Creative Officer) and the best part, pages of monthly makeup tutorial by occasion using the palette as inspiration; for example the Halloween makeup look tutorial for October 2018!

Now, it's time to talk about the palette. To be really honest, the palette was not really the deciding factor when I made up my mind to get this set. I have enough eyeshadow palettes at home so I don't exactly need another one so basically it's more a 'want' than a 'need'. Don't take it the wrong way, I actually like how pigmented this palette it and have been using it pretty often so far. It has all the shades I need so I think it'll be a great choice to bring if I'm going away for a trip or something. With 24 different shimmers and matte eyeshadow shades, one highlighter shade, one blusher shade, and one bronzer shade, this palette is totally worth the purchase. Even if you divide RM140 with the total of 27 shades, I'm technically just paying about RM5 for each shade (this doesn't even count in the value of the planner, and two deluxe size products)!

All the shades are named with 'Christmas' themed nicknames such as Snowday and Christmas Dream. I managed to snap a few pictures to show the swatches of every shade inside of the palette for you too!

Swatches of the shades!

Each eyeshadow row contains six beautiful shades and the one on the first row include Marshmallow, Spiked Cider, Don't Give a Fudger, Halo, Party Over Here! and Unwrap Me. My favourite shade from the first row would be the pretty orange-ish brown shade of Spiked Cider and the unconventional shade of Unwrap Me. I find Don't Give a Fudge to be slightly crumbly but it turns out to be one of the shades that I reach out to use the most. The second row starts with Show Day and followed by I Want It All, Give Me S'more, Deck The Malls, Trimmed and Santa's Helper while the third row which FYI, is my favourite row out of the four contain Christmas Dream, Love Actually, Pinecone, Slay Bells, Plum Pudding and Christmas Carol. I can't seem to choose a favourite from this one but for the second row, I tend to reach out to Snow Day and Deck the Mills more. I would love to experiment with Trimmed as well but I am not sure if the green will actually suit me or not. As for the last row, Iced Out and Glittered would be favourite pick due to their beautiful shimmers. The last row also contains shades such as Faux Fur Only, Jolly, Fa La La La La, and Black Tie.

From left: Chocolate Soleil, Will You Merry Me and #Blessed,

The face trio; contour (Chocolate Soleil), blusher (Will You Merry Me) and luminizer (#Blessed)  is also a perfect compliment to each other. I kinda like to mix the blusher and bronzer shades together to create more toned down blusher shades sometimes as well.

Deluxe size of Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick and Better Than Sex Mascara

Using the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sell Out

With the deluxe size Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and the deluxe size of the Too Face Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sell Out, I would say that this kit is almost the perfect choice for travel. All I need to throw in a foundation, an eyebrow product, and eyeliner and I'll be good to go have fun wherever I am! I would recommend any makeup lover that uses a planner to splurge a bit and get this for yourself if you see this set is still available in Sephora. If you managed to go through this post, please share with me which shade out of the 27 that you like the most and if you managed to grab this palette for yourself too!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Love this set! Tbh I feel like the palette is so-so, but the journal, packaging + deluxe size products definitely make me want one for myself too!

    1. Yeah the palette, some shades are a miss but I am just so content with the planner that I don't really care. Plus I have 1001 other shades from other palettes that I can use so LOLLLL

  2. I have tried very little from Too Faced, for some reason the brand doesn't really interest me. By far I've tried one Melted lipstick, the Rx Hangover primer, a Chocolate bronzer and the BTS mascara and they were all just okay to me. I should give their eyeshadow palettes a try though, they seems to be really popular?

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. To be honest, I'm not that into them either. Their price range is quite above what I will spend on one product usually XD The main reason why I got this set is because of the planner (I'm weak against cute stuffs LOL). I think I only have the Chocolate Palette (bought it because of the scent LOL) and one Melted lipstick (i think i gave this away) before I got this. Anyway, thanks for dropping by Shireen!


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