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Get Cooking 🍳 & Stand a Chance to Win RM4000 + All Expense Paid Round Trip to Korea 🛫

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Annyeong, friends!
My relationship with Korean foods started when I slowly got more serious about the world of Korean drama back when I was in high school. Like seriously, who won't start salivating and craving to try their foods especially when you're binge-watching a show that's showing those yummy looking foods in the middle of the night? Starting from the basics like trying ramyun, tteokbokki, and gimbap at Korean restaurants, now my Korean food adventure has gone up to another level since I've actually started cooking them at home. My favourite go-to meal these days? Homemade Sundubu Jjigae or also known as the Korean Soft Tofu Stew.  It's just yummy, fulfilling (low carb!) and the perfect comfort food for me. More importantly, they're relatively easy to make too.

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How about kimchi?

Oh, that's like super basic stuff. I love kimchi! Now, my love for those delicious fermented vegetables has also been picked up by my family members including my mom. Tried making some at home too and thankfully they turned out great! My brother and my mom loves the good ol' style Baechu kimchi that is made from cabbage and I personally love the crunchiness of Kkakdugi which is a Diced Radish Kimchi. I also had my own hands-on experience of making the Oi Sobagi, the Cucumber Kimchi which was greatly enjoyed by my family too.

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My point is? Korean dishes are fun and easy to make (mostly) as long as you have the passion and interest in them. And if you are, this hobby of yours might be your ticket to win up to RM4000 and a chance to be sponsored for an All Expense Paid Round Trip to Korea!

2018 Hansik Contest: Global Taste of Korea

The 2018 Hansik Contest: Global Taste of Korea will be held at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (LG2, Blue Atrium) on 5 August 2018 (Sunday) from 4.00PM to 7.30PM and the 3 winners will be selected to win:

1st Place: 
RM4000 cash prize.
A trip to South Korea in September
(with round-trip flight ticket, accommodation and 
travel expenses will be borne by the organiser)

2nd Place:
RM2000 cash prize.

3rd Place:
RM1000 cash prize.

All participants will also receive a souvenir as a token of appreciation for the support. A total of 16 teams will be chosen by the embassy to battle it out on the contest day, showcasing their best version of 'Pork Free Korean food that can be enjoyed by all Malaysians'. The participants will be judges under these following criteria including; taste, composition, hygiene, plating, and degree of difficulty of the dish presented, originality, globalization, and passion for Korean Foods & Culture. Additional bonus points can also be given to those eligible for it. You can download the 2018 Hansik Contest Guidelines for more information on this.

Who Can Enter?
1. Must be a Malaysia citizen.
2. Applicant's parents cannot be of Korean descent.
3. The applicant and his/her parents must never have had Korean nationality (Korean adoptees are eligible).
4. Applicant must be able to travel to Korea in September 2018 with a valid passport.

So, what are you waiting for? The contest is still accepting applicants up until the deadline on Wednesday, 25th July 2018. You can learn further about the contest and how to register by visiting the Embassy's website or for further enquiries, kindly contact or 03-42512336 (Ext 111). Good luck!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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