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Breena Beauty Lipstick Vault, New Shades and Wishlist 💕

Hello, friends!
Happy (belated) #LipstickDay 💄, LOL, to be honest, I have no idea which day it falls on but I guess this is the perfect timing for me to talk again about one of my favourite lipstick range, ever. If you've read my previous blog post about the nine shades of Breena Beauty Velvet Creme Matte Lipsticks, then you'll already know how obsessed I am with the formula. It's definitely my number one when it comes to matte lipstick produced by a local brand. Love the shades, formulation (of course), the affordability and even the packaging. And recently (around last April), they released three new shades + another six new shades just about a month or two ago. Not just that, the packaging has also been upgraded and I totally approve the rose gold aesthetic they went for.

Anyway, for the new packaging launch, Breena Beauty actually sent me a special edition Velvetcreme Vault Set and OH MY GOD, I am in love! I don't really want to use them and been putting most of it on display for quite a while because seriously the packaging is totally the stuff of my dreams + I still have the original nine shades in the old packaging that I've been using. FYI, after trying out three shades, I ended up purchasing all of the original nine colours with my own money. That's how much I love them. I dare say that personally, I think it's better than Colourpop matte lipsticks especially in term of hydration (Colourpop matte products tend to make my lips dry and crack like no other). Even the pigmentation for each of Breena's shades is sometimes just as good as some products from higher-end brands and sometimes better than some other.

12 shades in the vault, but now they have 18 shades in total!

When I first saw the sneak peek of the three new shades from Breena Beauty founder's Instagram, I knew that I'll love them. Playing on a more 'pinkish' side, the new colours are called Bubblegum, Berry Pie and Rocka'bye. My favourite out of the three would be Bubblegum but I think Rocka'bye would be my top choice out of the more bold shades that they've released so far.

New packaging with the rose gold cap is love!

In the vault- left: original 6 shades, right: 3 newer shades

Berry Pie: Deep Raspberry colour perfect for a girl day out.

Bubblegum: A warm pink tone that makes me gush!

Rock'abye: Gorgeous burnt cranberry shade for a bold kinda day.

Not long after that, Breena Beauty dropped another bomb on me! Just around two months(?) after they released the vault and the three new shades, they once again surprised us fans with their first ever eyeshadow palette called the Wanderlust palette and SIX more shades of Breena Beauty Velvet Creme Matte lipsticks. Can you imagine my excitement?!

All 18 shades! source: @breenabeauty

This time, they went for a more brownish, nude tones colours and gosh, that is totally in line with my usual makeup style which is more basic and simple. I totally love those brownish, brick red-ish, coral-ish colours. They suit my skin tone better than vibrant or cool toned shades like blue, green, and grey. So, my next wishlist is to get the palette, the six new shades (especially Fawn, Milkshake, Rose Clay and Spice Latte) and also their makeup bag. And oh, I might as well restock my Breena Blending Pearl Sponge too cause it's my new holy grail! Seriously, I don't use my Beauty Blender as much anymore LOL.

So, have you tried Breena Beauty products before? If you did, do share with me if you have the same opinion 💕 If you would like to make a purchase any of their products you head on to their website on

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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