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NYX Cosmetics Super Fans Pool Party 2018 🍉

Hello, friends!
Two Saturdays ago, I attended the NYX Cosmetics Super Fans Pool Party on the behalf of Butterfly Project at L'Motichan, Bangsar and gurl, I had a blast! Was there with my usual squad; Eros, Bo, Syahira and Annika although we were missing Tammy and Syd because they were travelling at that time. Crossed path with several familiar faces from the Butterfly family as well such as Reiko, Nicole, Sharon, and Asyraf.

Anis's Cam

Eros's Cam

The dress code theme for that day was pink, but I opted to take out my new Sailor Moon Denim jacket that day and match them up with a pink shawl, bag and sneakers instead. Gonna talk about that Sailor Moon haul in another post in the future so stay tuned! And to my pleasant surprise, as if our wavelength matches again that day, the squad also had somehow incorporated denim into their outfits as well. #squadgoals.

L'Motichan is a huge event space and has a few Instragrammable corners especially around the pool area so we heard clicks of cameras (and smartphones) all the time throughout the event. Thanks to my usual free labour photographer Eros from, we managed to get some beautiful shots for ourselves too. Hihi, thanks Eros 💓

Eros's Cam 2, I can't dance 🤣

There were games and activities held as well including a DIY station, a VR game stations and picture station so we had quite a fun time! In celebration for 9.9, NYX also collaborated with Shopee that day as well so they were everywhere and the attendees were also given a special code from Shopee to shop NYX products on their app! And oh, there were a free flow of Kurin bowls and sushi + yummilicious soda as well, so we got luckyyy~ (Kurin addict here). Some lucky friends also managed to snatch amazing products in the Grab All You Can event which allows them to take as many as products they are able to within 60 seconds. I am officially jealous!

We also managed to take a look at their latest release, Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation which is a collaboration release with Alissa Ashley and now is available in NYX for RM83.96. And here is a shocker, there are 45 shades available! Yup, totally inclusive for the majority of skin tone so there will definitely be a match for you. You can check out their shade finder guide here too. 

Thank you, NYX and Butterfly Malaysia for extending the invitation. It was a fun night out and I do need a dose of fun at that time!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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