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Cultiveat x Pledgecare: Healthier Meals For You and Your Fluffy Babies 😻🌿

Calling pet owners! The topic I am going to talk about today is closely related to our furry babies at home so make sure to pay attention. 😉 For those who own any cats or even dogs (or any other indoor pets), you guys would definitely share the same sentiment as I do; our pets are a part of the family and we want them to have a long, happy life, and to be with us as long as they can. Our greatest fear, the one thing that we dread so much, will be the time when we have to finally say goodbye to them. 

Honestly, that thought alone is already pushing me to the brink of tears, I wonder how would I take it when the time comes for me to let Leo and Millie go. One thing for sure, I'd be devastated and will mourn for a long time if that happens. That's why I pray every day that I'll be given a long time with them and that goodbye will not come anytime soon.

OK, I'm getting a little too emotional now so let's change up the tone a little!

The reason why I am bringing this up is to emphasize the importance of giving them the best care possible, this includes a stress-free lifestyle, enough exercise and most importantly a good quality meal. And by good quality, I mean the same standard of food that we are getting in our daily meals. But really, there are so many different pet food brands out there, and sometimes, it can be hard to discern which one actually uses the best ingredients in the foods.

Cultiveat x PledgeCare Air Dried Raw Chicken For Cat

Recognising the growing concerns of pet owners, Cultiveat, an urban farm practising sustainable environment in Malaysia had teamed up with PledgeCare, a natural and healthier pet food brand, to come up with a special blend of cat food using Cultiveat pesticide-free fresh produce. This healthier blend for our little superstar at home uses 97% fresh chicken meat, bones and organs, as well as 3% veggies and superfood grown in Cultiveat farm! 100% natural and using human-grade ingredients, the mix is then gently air-dried to ensure the food stays nutritious yet easy to handle by our little friends. 

Tips to introduce new food into your cat's diet

Benefits of PledgeCare Air Dried Chicken: The Cultiveat Edition

- Higher activity level
- Stronger bones and teeth
- Improve joint health and mobility support
- Boost overall immune system health
- Suits all cat breeds and age
- No Rendered Meat-Meals | Grains or Fillers | Artificial Preservatives

Ingredients used include chicken breast, chicken heart, chicken gizzards, chicken backs, chicken liver, green butterhead, green romaine, multicolour spinach, coconut oil, turmeric, cod liver oil, flaxseed and sunflower seed. Honestly, if I didn't mention about this being a cat food, anyone would assume that they're ingredients for a home cook recipe for actual human consumption, right? And that's how it should be! Our pets deserve more than leftovers and subpar ingredients.

Cultiveat sustainable farming method

To prove their point, Cultiveat x PledgeCare actually sent me a package containing both the cat food and some of the raw produces used to make it, so I can prepare a scrumptious Meal Fur 2 for both me and my cats! Thanks to them, I had a great time enjoying good foods with the company of Millie and Leo. Thankfully, the two also enjoy the Air Dried Raw Chicken that I received too! Millie is, as usual, the glutton she is, so she gobbled up the chicken on the first try. Meanwhile, Leo the infamous food connoisseur, known to be picky with his food did take his own sweet time to warm out to the new taste, but he finally starting to eat them after I slowly introduce the dried pieces into his usual food! 

I love the fact that I can use this product as a complete meal for my feline or just use it as a treat whenever I want too.

Benefits of Cultiveat Fresh Produce

- Pesticide-free farming
- Non-GMO produce
- Uses sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods
- Optimised growing conditions for tasty and nutritious produce all year round
- Can be ordered online, get the fresh produce delivered to you with just a single click

Cultiveat Meal Fur Two Bundle

The bundle contains a bunch of Cultiveat's fresh veggies as well as a delicious Smoked Duck Breast by Augustine Smokery, so I whipped up quick and Smoked Duck & Spinach Pasta recipe with them. Thanks to the fresh ingredients they sent to me, I had an amazing time cooking over the weekend. 

🌱 Green Butterhead & Green Romaine:
Crisp lettuce leaves, great for salads, burgers, sandwiches, and more

🌿 Multicolour Spinach:
Tender leaves and stalks with mild sweetness. Suitable eaten cooked or raw.

🍅 Big Heart Tomatoes:
Vine-ripened, large-sized tomatoes with juicy flesh and a fragrance that lingers

🍗 Smoked Duck:
Tender, savoury-sweet duck with a pleasant smokey flavour.

🐱 Air Dried Raw Chicken:
Gently air-dried to retain the nutrition of its raw ingredients – chicken meat and parts, and Cultiveat’s Green Butterhead, Green Romaine, and Multicolour Spinach.

Meal Fur 2: Smoked Duck & Spinach Pasta for me, and Air Dried Raw Chicken for Leo and Millie

You can check out the full recipe on my IGTV here! And if you feel like recreating the dish, head on to Cultiveat online market today to grab the same bundle that I received for just RM55! Launched last Monday 23rd November 2020, you can use the code PURRFECTOGETHER during checkout to get RM 5 off this bundle. And yes, the same bundle contains 2 packs of Air Dried Raw Chicken from PledgeCare for your cats at home too, so they're really worth it

For more info about the bundle, visit to learn more about the items included inside! You can also visit PledgeCare website if you wish to reorder the cat food too. Don't forget tofollow Cultiveat and PledgeCare Instagram page for more updates from the brands.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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