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Kyochon 1991: Eating Fried Chicken, The OG Korean Style 🍗

credit: @mykyochon

Hey guys!
I'm in love with Kyochon ever since they opened their first branch in Malaysia so today, since I'm having a major Kyochon craving in the middle of the night, I got inspired to do a short write up about possibly my fav Korean fried chicken brand so far! I really love their menu. I've been to their outlets many times and I'll keep on going. I can vividly remember the first time they launched their first outlet in 1Utama followed by the one in Menara Hap Seng and then the third one in Pavilion KL and so on. 

The first time I heard about Kyochon is when my favourite group Super Junior was the ambassador. So, it was pretty exciting counting days when they first announced the opening date for the 1Utama outlet. I can't believe that was more than five years ago (I think). I was still studying in university at the time.

Unlike our fried chicken, Korean style chicken tends to have a variety of seasoning and sauces. This kind of menu is quite famous in Korea and they usually have chicken with beer which in short 'Chimek' abbreviated from 'chi' from chicken and 'mek' from mekju which means beer. 

But no worries for Muslims in Malaysia as Kyochon Malaysia doesn't serve any kind of alcoholic drink and the chicken used in cooking is also using the proper slaughter method. When they first announced their store here, my friends and I have been asking a lot of questions to make sure it follows the Halal standard.

The main menu consists of four different types of chicken which you can choose to order which are Red Series Chicken, Original Series Chicken, Sal-Sal Series and Honey Series Chicken. Trust me, I've tried them all and each of the series is so good!

credit: @mykyochon

Red Series:

For those who love spicy food. I'm so obsessed with this one but the maximum amount my stomach would be able to bear would be three pieces of chicken as I don't eat spicy food that much. They're so good so sometimes I try to withstand the pain just to eat more.

credit: @mykyochon

Original Soy Series: 

This series uses soy sauce seasoning on their chicken. While the chicken is crispy, you can taste the soy sauce and I think this taste the best when eating with their rice. So so so good, oh my god I feel like ordering them tomorrow!

Honey Series: 

Fried chicken with honey seasoning. I first tried this thinking how will the sweetness of the honey blended with the taste of the crispy chicken. And oh my goodness, they are so good! Highly recommended!

credit: @mykyochon

Sal-Sal Series: 

A very crunchy and one of a kind fried chicken that uses rice puff and can be eaten with sauce and you can choose the type of sauce you want. It's really crispy and most of my friends like it. I love eating it with the spicy red sauce. Yummy!

Even just writing about this makes me want to eat their chicken again. I love their garlic fried rice and the salad they serve when we order set menu because the dressing just balances out the sometimes greasy taste from eating too much chicken. I highly recommend this place for you to try!

By the way, I lost the pictures I've been saving for this post so I'm sorry if this post is lacking visuals. Instead, you can check their menu out through Kyochon Malaysia Facebook Page or their website

*This entry is not in any way sponsored by Kyochon. I just love them!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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