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As thoughts grow in time


today..i got a message from Farahlina..
she was my roomate at TGB
she told me dat her father passed away yesterday..
caused by an accident..
I was shocked..speechless
about few weeks ago..
we were talking about my parent..
got into an accident..
then..i got the news..
my parent is getting better..
but 4 her..
she lost her very important person..
in Ramadhan..
and Syawal is around the corner..
i called her immediately..
hearing her sad voice..
my heart ache for her..
i cried silently..
i never heard dat kind of voice in her before..
her voice really show dat..
losing smthing precious is almost unbearable..
she was one of my bestest friend..
and will always be..
i'm really sorry 4 her..
the news made me realize..
how fast and unpredictable God is..
giving and taking away..
in just a blink..
To Farah..
I hope u will be strong..
dont 4get dat..
i will always be there 4 u..
remember dat...
God love ur dad more than u do..
I cant write anything more now..
i feel like crying for her too..
To my mom and dad..
if i ever hurt u in anyway b4..
im sorry..
i luv u..
stay by my side..
dont leave me dat fast..
God,,please let them stay with me..
i want to give them more..
make them happy...
To all son and daughter in dis world..
appreciate ur parent..
treat them in the best way..
cause..its really are the thing dat we should do


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