Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

as we go on..

haa..actually i've been thinking to post dis few days ago..
but i just get the mood today..
when i was at yana's house last week..
we were looking back at her photo albums..
the memories while we were both together in pasir salak..
it seems just it was yesterday..
my classmates..
who ever they are in the past..
all of the pictures..
like it was going to tell me everything..
we were so naive..
but it seems dat things had change..
well..i need to accept the fact that people change..
so am i..
what i cant possibly accept about the changes is..
whether we becomes better..or even worst
after we left ps..
we've been acting like we were strangers..
like we were completely a different person..
but in either way..
how much did u change after a few years..
i just wanted to tell u..
i will always accept u guys.
because u all are my friends..
n dat what friends do..
its a little bit frustrating..
coz some of the people i've known before..
they seem like forgetting us..
their friends..
whether its a he or she..
i just hope dat..
what ever changes happen in your life...
just dont forget old friends..
like they were just a piece of useless junk..



  1. seriously anis,, i wanna cry...
    call me a cry baby but anything about friendship touches me..
    Friends Forever!

  2. haha...yela miss cry baby..
    da panggil da..puas ati??

  3. haha...yela miss cry baby..
    da panggil da..puas ati??


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