Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

i dun feel the ground..

when my dad pick me up dis evening..
i was so happy.. just start..
all those feeling were gone..
when my brother told me..
"along, tam is dead last hit by a motorcyle"
**Tam was my cat


I was like..
i felt really bad..
then i started crying..
my brother told me..
my mum n dad cried a little too..
i really miss her..
she was the best cat
i've ever had..
i'm still mourning for her death..
sum people wud say..
it was just a cat..
but 4 me..
it wasn't
because it was a part of my family..
n will always be..


while writing this..
i dun feel like my feet is touching the ground..
but still..
i am grateful n thankful..
to have such a good cat..
dear Tam..
i hope u will be happy up there..
luv u always..
n we'll be missing u..

 got to stop now..
my tears started to fill my eyes now..
can't say anything more



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