March 07, 2010

i'm gay..

i don't know my..
but i feels like babbling through out the night..
well..its actually my top 10 specialty kann..ahaha..
back to the topic..
why on earth i'm gay??
well...the things is..
i think..and realize..
that i have more than 1001 reasons to make me gay.. other word..happy..

so..the reasons for me to be gay..
i am gay because:

1. my family is always there for me..(thanks mum,dad,amir n aqim)
2. i got someone named Nur Liyana Zainal Karib in my life..
3. i have my moon..and my star.. (F.I.Y~my moon is..moon and my star is ^^ )
4. i have my own room!! its a must to be happy..coz..since im the only daughter..i had it for myself..
5. i have a brain..well better than brainless.. even though its not big enough..
6. my sense is well developed..i'm really sorry for those who is senseless..esp..on others feeling..ROBOT
7. i am not SHORT..maybe not tall..but definitely not short (p/s: yana..don't say anything)
8. i have a good sense of humor..better than 'certain' people..
9. i got to know Super Junior..haha..this is utterly true..
10. i got to know MRSM Pasir Salak, MRSM Tgb and KMNS..and the people in it..
11. i have least for talking in front of crowd..well..i did tell u that i love talking rite??
12. i have a wonderful uncle and aunts..jon2..cik yong..cik n..tralala ~ ~
13. my cousins are superb!! u guys rock!!
14. i have brothers to fight with..its a good way to reduce stress  actually..ahaha
15. my limbs are working well so far..even though it may have some malfunction sometimes..eheh..
16. i am in a perfect health~~apart for some asthmatic and gastric problems..LOL
17. i am a book-freak!! not geek but freak~~its ok to be a book freak
18. so far~ i know how to love and hate to's fair enough..ahaha
19. i am the eldest and only can have a split personality..mommy's girl..or independent sis..
20. i still got the chance to breath..or in other word..not dead.. hello dunia!!

and the list goes on~~

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