Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

my day..mayday...mayday!!

urgh..i think..i need some help here..
many unfortunate things happen to me in this week..
i really thought the worst one which
i hurt my right 'little finger'  ..
while we were playing hockey..i!!
well..actually i don't get it..
why should i suffer an injury from a game which i'm not familiar with??
the answer is simple..because i was so damn unlucky..yup..that's me..
and today,..something much annoying and unacceptable did happen..
i (was) angry at my friend..for some reason that i think..
very acceptable..and..what annoyed me to hell is..
i manage to keep being angry..just for an hour!!
for Godsake..sometimes i even mad at myself for being too nice..
well..i didn't mean to be harsh or impolite..
but i think..sometimes..i do need to be a little more hard at heart..
and less nice..haha...
in this cruel world..being too nice is actually a weakness..
especially for people like me..

but ONE fortunate thing is..
today is once again..a 'FRIDAY'..
so i will get pamper myself..
have a good rest..
and hoping+praying that..
next week is going to be a whole LOT better than this..


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