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Another Usual Saturday^^


Let's start my ridiculous babbling for today with a quote!!
I read this on someone status in Facebook..
It's nice and completely suitable for me and all the singles out there..
(ehehe..sorry if i'm acting overly delusional and exaggerating..!)

Where am i?? Yess..the quote !!

It's like this:
"Don't rush into falling in love because it never runs out.Instead, if somebody ask you why are you single.Just simply say,'God is busy writing the best love story for me'.."

Isn't that beautiful?
And that made my day for today^^ ..huhu

So,back to my ridiculous babbling..
The post tittle actually had explain everuthing!!LOL
Today is just another normal day..
The usual thing, the usual stuff..

Well,just a few exception..giggles
First, today i had a SUPERLICIOUS breakfast
Kg Baru's Lontong..
Thanks to my lovely father!!
It's a very good kick start of the day

I do the house chores..
(Usual duty during holiday)
Watch some cartoons and anime..
Bleach,Conan,Ragnarok the animation
(Sigh~~i never actually grew up rite??)

Then in the afternoon..
Had my dad's Sweet n Sour Fish!!
While watching Mann on TV3
(and i cried a lot T___T huhu)

And lastly,
Now..sitting in front of the pc
Starting my Super Junior spazzing project
While listening to^^
And it's playing Super Junior's Shining Star..yay!!

For dinner tonight..
Maybe we'll buy some food from the Pasar Malam..
But for me..
I'm not ordering anything today..
Because i'm having Maggi!!
(been craving for some for days already)

I think..i'm going to stop here..
Because my mind now is actually concentrating on something else!!

It's SuJu spazzing time!!!!
So, till next post~~
(most likely bout 'MY' SuJu^^)
I hope everyone will be enjoying your day


P/s: I'm on my way learning Korean..ahaha
Next time i'll spazz in alien language to you all~~kikiki

and khamsahamnida for reading!!

Hugs and kisses for you... ^^


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