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As thoughts grow in time

a long day~

'memories never dies..but the reality does change'

i'm not updating my blog yesterday..
because i was so tired and exhausted
till now..the tiredness of yesterday's journey haven't fade yet..
i have a sore throat, headache that drives me mad
and a runny nose..

but this is not my main point
i would like to write about what happen in that one whole day~

me and liyana woke up around 5.45am yesterday morning
because we need to prepare early as we got to pick up intan,alif and farah
at the respective meeting place
we aimed to reach pasir salak around 10.30 am
but it was delayed for one hour as we need to wait for shaza at sg buloh 

to make it short..
we arrived at PS round 11.30
my feeling on that time is indescribable
i got a mixed feeling
happy, shy, and a little scared
i met my old schoolmate, homeroom mate etc
there are bunch of people and teachers that i don't even know

the weather is so hot
the area is dry
and the saddest part is
pasir salak does change..
it looks worst than before
the condition and facilities..
i have nothing to say..

we were out from ps around 2.30pm
stop for lunch in kg gajah
and liyana decided to drives to cameron highland
till now i don't really believe that she does

the road is tricky
i feel dizzy along the way
when we reach there
took some pics
then got back homw

we arrive safe n sound at yana's house
around 11.30pm

and as i'm writing this..
i am still tired from the journey
yana went to sleep again

it is indeed the most tiring journey in my life
more tiring compare to the time i climbed gunung ledang


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