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My Today~

 Haha..this is actually a photo i submitted for a 4th jib competition at sup3rjunior.wordpress
 Just fill my free time..if i won't that would be great..
If I don't, well at least i had fun doing this..
kekeke~~ is the release of Bonamana MV
and my kyu looks soo freaking hot..
He dance well, He sang well
and his expression~~sigh (fainting!!)

and in just one day
kyu biased increase..
but for me..
i'm always his biased..kekeke

look at his dancing!!

credit: superlover♫

 he is awesome!!

ok..thats all
i'm going to chill my self out
too exhilarated by all this^^

Wait!! Last!!

Tomorrow is 13th May~
 It's the comeback!!!


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