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♥ I ♥ HAD ♥ A ♥ BLAST ♥

Today's post is simple..and straight forward^^
I had a blast..
Today..(Or should i say yesterday??)
I had a very wonderful day!!

Went out to Mid Valley with A.J and Sherry..
Ate Double Cheese Burger at McD for lunch..Yummy!!
Watch Iron Man 2..haha (finally)
I love the story..
I love the main cast..Robert Downey Jr.
So handsome..kekeke~~

Then went for some window shopping..
(Finally..i'm the only one who didn't buy any cloth)
Take some pics in the ladies..LOL

Buy a new Ramlee Awang Murshid's Novel..
Cinta Sufi..
Haha..Love Laksamana Sunan :))

Had some cream puffs..and egg tarts..
Bought some comics too..

and i already Bank-In the money for 4th Jib pre-order..
Safely emailed the receipt picture to Dearest Aten Teukie
(She's the best..LOL)

Sitting in front of PC again..
Spazzing about Super Junior
(what else could it be..haha)
Bonamana is still a trending topic on Twitter..yay!!

Watch Teasing of HyukJae and Leeteuk on Sukira~~
The dance step is revealed (very little..kikiki)

and tomorrow..
the Full MV will be released~~DIES again!!

the day after tomorrow..
is the released of the album..COMEBACK!!!

and the day after that is their performance on Music Bank!!
applause..applause..(excite mode activated!!)

So..For Today..*yesterday

Life Couldn't Get Better..hey!!

Going to sleep now..
Goodnyte..and..till tomorrow spazzing..
Lets dream of Bonamana..!!


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