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A Normal Post

credit: ayun nysa
haha..i think it's time to post some
Suju unrelated stuff ^^

What is your full name ?

Anis Farhana Aliman

When is your birhday ?

30 January 1991

What is your daddy's name ?

Aliman Ahmad
What is your mum's name ?

Zarinah Din

How many siblings do you have ?

3 includes me

Where do you live ?

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Sapphire Blue Land
(giggles..a little suju scent here^^)

Your favourite colour (s)

blue n pink

Still studying?

preparing for comeback..ngee~

Do you have a best fren ?


Do you love them ?

All my heart

Pop or jazz ?

Anything nice to hear

Chicken or beef ?


Coke or 100 plus ?


What brand is your purse ?

Planet Ocean
(gonna change it soon..LOL)

How much do you have in your wallet right now ?

yeahh..i'm broke

High heels or flat ?

High heels
(flats is ok too)

Skirt or jeans ?

(skirts susah nk flying kick peragutt^^)

Shirt or blouse ?

As long i feel cofortable with it

Watch or bracelet ?

Watch is a must
Bracelet can tag along too

Favourite watch's brand ?

No specific favouritism.LOL
Do you have girlfriend ?

of coursei'm practically engaged with Nina Aznan..hihi
(nahh~~of course i have lots of girfriends !)

Do you have a boyfriend ?

Super Junior Cho Kyuhyun <3
Super Junior Lee Hyuk Jae
Super Junior Park Junsu
and the list goes on..huhu

Did you love him?

love?? ohh of coz
i'm crazy for them..LOL

Did you ever kiss him ?

Noo way!! Haram taw..giggles

Facebook or myspace ?


What is your bad dreams ?

Too Many !!
but i got nice one too

Please tagged other ten friend of yours 
No need who want it
Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V
No Copyright (^__^)v


  1. like it,
    suju again, aish.!
    demam anis ni

  2. yess..
    this time..not H1N1 fever..LOL

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