Thinker Belle

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Shining Star~

hye all..
well actually..
i don't really have any idea to post now feels weird not to write something

today is just a normal day
i've recovered from my fever..yay!!
and tomorrow i'll be having my primary school reunion

btw..shining star?
what is this..
actually..this is one of Super Junior song
that i love the most

it's written for suju fans..the elfs..
when i was in ss2 Msia last March
they sang this..and Teukie cried too..
it was a touching moment
and now..everytime i heard this song
it always remind me of SS2 was like the best day of my life^^
sigh~i wish they'll come here again for the next SS3

erm..i think...that's all for my nonsense babbling today
but for tomorrow..
i bet i'll have bunch of things to write..

p/s: the internet connection sucks...AGAIN!


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