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Proudness Overflowing

hey guys..
i'm sorry that i can't bring myself to update yesterday
i was soo tired (i guess i've been tired for the whole week^^hihi) i'm here and i have two things to tell

the reunion! it was fun! i had a blast~
meeting my old schoolmate, my ex-teachers, going to my old class..
it was a wonderful moment
and the best part was the surprise
well..not exactly a surprise..
kinda of a test..yess..a test

the teachers asked us to sing the school song
everyone was like..OMG!!
haha..for's just a piece of cake
i always remember the song
often i caught myself singing it alone..ahaha

then we had BBQ..talked about our current life
reminiscing old's funny
actually..the reunion went out of control a little
because the number of people confirming is way to little than the no attended
the food was prepared for 50 person but the real guest was like 150++

then we went to Wangsa Walk..
some of us decided to play bowling
as for me..i just sit around talking to everyone
many of people i knew was there
Aida,Nina,Zimah,Addy,Faridil,Hizami,Syafiq,Farah,Izzati,Shikin etc..

i went home around 5.30 pm
but the other decide to hang out a little more

and come the second AWESOME news!!
when i got home
i was on my way to my room

when i saw a yellow package
that was the time when my heart flipped a little
and later..i discovered contain my 4th JIb!!!!

it arrived at my home safe n sound
the photobook is just damn good
i got shindong oppa signed photocard
a sticker and
a HUGE poster

well..i do expect it to be big
but i never expect it to be so HUGE!
i's huge in a good way

haha..but there is no way i'm going to stick it on my room wall
my dad would definitely throw it away
plus..i treasure it too much to take the risk~huhu

By the way..
I forgot to mention..
SUPER JUNIOR won their 2nd Music Bank Award last Friday..
that is a big yay!!

haha..i miss spazzing bout them
but the internet is just so slow
just enough for me to open certain page

so..for the meantime..
bye2 twitter and youtube

haha..that is all for today post..
all about proud..

i'm proud to be back to DTHO
i'm proud to be an ELF
i'm proud of Super Junior

proudness is everywhere for the mean time^^


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