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Going to miss you~Liyana

Hey guys..
I've been skipping my updates for two day
Or is it three??

Hmm..what am i up to these days??
LOL..i'll make it short as simple(if i could..haha)

On Thursday(3/June)
Went to Mid Valley with my Liyana^^ and the best part's all her treat..
Huhu..Well, we went watching Shrek Forever After was awesome..Everyone laugh non-stop in the hall..haha
I love Puss and Donkey Part:
Donkey~You are cat-as-trophic are ri-donkey-lous
And we went shopping for yana stuff
and the trip end at Belanga~eating Laksam!!
Back to yana's house..
(yeahh..i went there again^^)
Go to Soribada Trial Listening to vote for Super Junior Music Bank the next day
and you know what??
We WON!! (The 3rd they got triple crown i guess)
Then finish my Score-A project with Liyana
Lastly..before went to sleep
Watch some Suju movie on Youtube..
Yess..SUJUing is an everyday MUST..haha

The next day~Friday(4/June)
Went to SS23 Petaling Jaya
To check on Liyana's car
Ate satay~
Lastly, stop by Mid Valley
(Again..yeahh i know..huhu)
Eat laksa~
And went home..
Ohh..forgot to mention
my brother came home from taiping yesterday
and his pointer is...soooo goood..i am so jealoussss

Haha..i think dats all..LOL thing is

I'm going to miss u a LOT liyana~~
hugs and kisses^^


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