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The Story of A Child~~


Sigh~it's already been years since I left primary school
This evening..while watching my little brother playing football
Laughing and running around with his friends
Past memories comes flooding my mind

Ohh~how I sometimes wish that I can turn back to my childhood
and I bet almost everyone has the same desires
no worries at all~all we need to do is study and play
we don't have to burden ourselves with adult issues.
especially money^^

In just a few days
I'm going to enter UiTM
I've been anticipating it
But still have some doubt
Can I do this?
What will happen to me in the future??

But, ..after thinking hard
I came out with one solution
As long as you try hard
All you need to do is just go with the flow~~

Haha~sometimes, simple solution is needed in adult life
(I'm considered as ADULT now??OMG~feel so old..kekeke~~)
That's all for today
Credit to my little dongsaeng
For being the picture model
Huhu~you'll receive your payment soon!!
(An ice-cream is enough rite??gigglesss~~~~)

Edit: Rereading this 6 years later, I'm thankful that my writing is definitely improving (less emo) LOL!


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