Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

upside down :((

everything feels wrong
and things doesn't turn out good as expected
my life is a total wreckage now~

first,my cat is lost..yeah lost.. disappear..
like it has been evaporated into the air
and that one thing is enough to make me feel so bad now
i miss my cat
please come back :'(

next,i cut my hand
actually i don't even know i injure myself
even though it's just a small cut
it feels like hell..sigh~i should be more careful then
and the pain won't go until now!

and i hate my home broadband connection
it sucks!! i feel like i want to sue the company!!!!!
yeah~all the talks and promotion means nothing
it took one hour to buffer a 9min videos
what the hell is that

Ok2..too much cursing..pardon me

More distressing story
I am so pissed off that SuJu didn't win on Music Bank
last Friday..i mean
someone told me that the rule stated
if the have won for 3 consecutive weeks
they won't be considered as winner on the 4th week
what kind of rule is that??yeahh..whatever

The only good thing for today
is South Korea won against Greece 1-0 today!
Yeahhh~victory Korea
(haha..because Malaysia is not in..i can give my full support to them)

And lastly
Today~(i mean yesterday)
it was Ayun's Bday
I want to wish her a Happy Life
Love you babe
Hugs and kisses from me

Yeahh..i should go now
My brain is going to explode anytime soon
If i stay with the computer
Seriously..if the internet connection is actually a person
It will have a good memory with my side kick..huh


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