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orientation (part 1)

Minggu Destini Siswa(MDS) in UiTM Shah Alam is indeed a very stressful week!
Well~maybe that is too much exaggeration in that statement
It is not that be accurate, it's actually far more comfortable than my previous expectation!!

The seniors are very nice..all we have to do since last Sunday was to sit and listen to some pressure..and no bully..(just ignore the fact that some of the speech is tooo boring compared to a mathematic class which i often found not very exciting at all)

But, after three days..i start to lose my voice..haha..before registering in UiTM, i already said to myself that i'm going to have a low-profile, unnoticed life in here..Instead, it turn out...ME being one of the cheer war commanders for kolej mawar...(me and my so-called low profile aim^^)

now, i got two more days to go..tomorrow we'll be having a MDS launching ceremony with our beloved VC in DSB(Dewan Seri Budiman)**take's not KMNS's DSG!!

Haha..that's all for now..i'll update this later..
maybe something exciting will be happening next??
Who knows rite???haha

P/s~SOME SUJU SPAZZING^^ eunhyuk and sungmin dye their hair blond..the repackage song is out now..i want to listen to them..but i'll postpone it untill the orientation week end..

P/p/s~There are some people i've been missing..but..the person i think about most is liyana and ayun..kekeke~(jangan kembang nooo...)


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