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Orientation(Part 2), Spazz Again..!!

i'm back with my latest post..
sitting in an icebox-like McD..
i'm cold near to deathh..haha

officially~the orientation day has ended..
banzaii for me...^^
oh..i have a few agenda here today..
so ready your popcorn and read slowly then..

today i went to my faculty..
the good news is..the building doesn't look so bad
the bad news is..the distance is a little far.. will be my everyday routine,,a very exhausting one too..
(bole kurus ke??haha..ntah lerr)

next..while i'm having my MDS(orientation)
bonamana repackage is out
got four new songs!!
they say it's daebakk!!i'm listening to it now..
a short journey which was written by EunHae is daebakkk!!!!
KangIn sang in the song too^^

And today,,it's their new comeback for no other after Miinah
and the perf is super awesome!!!!!!
so cute!!!with white cloth..there was so many historical moment in there~~
flying kisses,peace sign..cuteness overload..and the choreography is daebakk!!!
**additonal info~daebak means great/really good^^

i'll upload the videos later then..kikiki~
anyway..i shall stop now..
going to enjoy my roomate's Bubur Ayam McD..hehhehe
(btw,di i tell u i become's farahlina's roomate again??)
P/s:farh is my ex-roomate in MRSM Jasin..

haha..till then..tata^^


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