July 03, 2010

Under the star~~~

It's around 4 in the morning
Since I'm being an over-nighters in the McD restaurant today
So, I'm a little too free so I'm able to write one more post~~
So,here me and farahlina..taking pictures outside the McD
Because it is too cold inside~
Walking under the star which I know it was there even though I can't see it
Taking some funny pictures
And laughing..i mean....A Lot!

It's been awhile since my last time spending such happy times with her
Haha...actually my other roomate,Syira is here too..
But she was busy using this lappy that time
(We take turn because we only bring one)

Outside,there are so many people watching the world cup
It's Ghana vs Uruguay if I'm not mistaken...
But seems like the games is a little boring
Because we barely able  hear any cheers from the guys outside
Comparing to the time earlier, where Brazil was lost to Holland

We're going back to campus at 6.00am maybe..
So, i'll find my own way to entertain ourselves here while waiting..haha

Btw~I swear to myself,next time I'm hanging out late at night in McD
I'm going to bring extra sweater..haha

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