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As thoughts grow in time


i have only few purpose now!

Being in UiTM..New Life and New Aim! Even though life is very busy and exhausting
With classes and extra curricular activities..I have  a good feeling bout life here!
Next week going to Gunung Datuk,Negeri Sembilan..Brassband camping
Yeahh~I'm in brassband uniform club..again! lols
Money is very important here..and needed in a LOT of amount

Yes~because i need a lot of money now..
I became an agent for KPOP Merchandise
So anyone wanna buy kpop tell me,,i'll put link at my blog page kay!

[Super Junior]
This is weird..but this guys gives me strength..
That sound weird rite?
Just~when i see them work hard
I feel that i haven't done enough in my life
Thus my spirit is lifted back

and few announcement!!
first~i am Spazz Leader for Eunhyuk Official Spazz Thread in Chocofam!
next~i am an admin at @KyuhyunDaebak in twitter!!
acece~busy pulak skang nihh

but thats all i wanna write actually
i'm quite happy lahh :))


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