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Love Light

when i look at you my face gets red
when i see you my heart goes thump thump
i talk with shyness like a kid
when i look at you i just smile out of nowhere
like a fool I keep doing that
I think love came to me

You’re the president of my heart
You’re my chests’ star embroider
I’m Genie for you girl boy
You ma…

thank you. liyana zainal

someone nice wrote something nice and funny about me ^^

so this one is for you dear!

all about love

"love is like the sand in your hand. when you hold it too tightly or too losely it will falls out.  once it falls out, you wont be able to reach it anymore"

" love can turn a beast into a human. it might turn human into a beast as well"

" age doesn't protect you from love.…


will be back to mawar tonight
exam is one day away
himnae anis! fighting!
p/s: a little eye candy for myself :)
ouhh~miinah :)

question mark [?]

One day,

will you ever fall in love again?

maybe someday :)

The other day,

Have you ever fall in love

maybe yes
maybe not  :)

This is nonsense. Absurd.

"Be Part Of ♥ChurpChurp Today!"

10 Facts On Me

♥I live on my own thought ♥ I love talking and be connected to people around me ♥ I am a student who is desperately addicted to twitter and facebook ♥ I love writing therefore I heart blogging so much!

ChurpChurp is Singing in My Heart ~♪
Do you believe in love at a first sight? Have you ev…

BlackBerry Torch 9800 & Celcom Exec 50 = ♥♥♥

I have so many things that I like, so many things that I want, so many things that I hope for. People call me weepy girl, sometimes comics lover and a little of a shopaholic.
But, If there are 3 names that suit me the most! It will definitely be; ♥ a movie maniac  ♥ girl with kpop obsession syndrome      …

my little present ^^

i just loveeee kyu's expression in this!
like a little boy getting something he really want!
he eyes~smiling brightly! ♥♥

and zhoumi is so cute although he is not my bias!huhu

next is my baby hyuk! mummy takkan lupa upload gambar dia..huhu
so charismatic kan!  *mummy feels like dancing now!

50 bloggers diperlukan

when i was blog walking today
i found this very interesting link

it can help our follower counts to increased
so i decided to join in ^^

the main purpose is of course i want to have more followers
and i hope i can make more friends too
i really wish that i can found someone who has h…

WARNING: Over Capacity!


Susah Payah : Baru Nak Sedar

Baru selesai berunding dalam telefon menyelesaikan masalah rumah sewa yang bakal diduduki semester depan.Rasa pelik. Sedikit was-was. Mampu ke aku nak duduk rumah sewa sendiri sekarang? Teringat waktu tengah cari rumah beberapa hari lepas. Naik turun pangsapuri yang tingginya 10 tingkat (tapi pakai…

Mischievous Kiss @ Itazura Na Kiss

I just finished watching Itazura Na Kiss..a cute anime
Then I found out that Mischievous Kiss which one of the latest korean drama that I have been anticipating to watch after the final is the other version of the anime!

I was like..woot..wooot..
Can't wait to watch it..
Even the anime version…

On Love

I read this on

Kisah ini datang dari lubuk hati saya sendiri, apa yang saya rasa dan apa yang saya alami sendiri. Saya tidak bermaksud untuk mengeluh apatah lagi mengingkari apa yang telah Allah s.w.t tetapkan kepada saya dan kita semua orang yang beriman dengan-Nya. Kisah ini saya kha…

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