Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

all about love

"love is like the sand in your hand. when you hold it too tightly or too losely it will falls out.
 once it falls out, you wont be able to reach it anymore"

" love can turn a beast into a human. it might turn human into a beast as well"

" age doesn't protect you from love. but love to some extent, protect you from age"

" true love might make you blind, but in some ways it could open your eyes"

" Love is like learning to play the piano. 
you learn it by the rules, then you let go of it and just play by your heart"

" when you fall in love, it's okay to see the person be happy even if it's not with you.
 the pain would be better than not having the person at all"

" love has no guidebook, you will eventually know when you falls out of it"


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