Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

Teenage Dream, Teenage Life ✿✿✿

I have a lot of things which I love to do when I am alone, like sitting on the couch in the middle of the night, sipping a cup of hot chocolate and reading novels while imagining myself as the main character of the story or watching endless episodes of movies and films especially the one with happy ending.I really can't bear watching a sad story because without a doubt I will cry too.I also love the feeling when I am holding a pen, with a diary on my lap and start scribbling and writing my thoughts.Happy thought, sad and angry thought and even a hilarious one.

I love to sing a long every time I listen to my favorite songs and sometimes I enjoy dancing (without audience ^^). While I am very addicted to talking when I have someone with me, I do love the feeling when I am alone pampering myself with the stuffs I like.

Even though these things is not something that can be done everyday, I would always find some time to do it. Because that is a happy moment for me.

I also have a lot of dreams. The biggest one is to buy a house for my parents, maybe something more like a villa. Just a nice one, located away from the busy city with a beautiful garden in it. A place where we can hear the birds chirping in the morning , the sounds of water flowing down a small stream near the house and soft wind blowing on the face in the evening. A place where they both can grow old together when their children is big enough to take care of themselves.

There is one more dream that I always have. I want my name to be printed on a book. Yes, I want to be a writer. Maybe not to the extend of making them as my career, but I always think of the time when I can sign my own book. I want to write something inspirational, something that could make people happy while reading it, something that could give a warm feeling to people heart, something beautiful enough to make one cry.

I wrote about what I love and what I hope. 
What I dream to have and what I dream to be.

These might sounds childish and immature. Why would you bother to tell this to everyone?

I have one definite answer. I wish I could make people to start dreaming again.
As we grow older, we always running towards the future that sometimes we forget to stop and turn back to the time where we were innocent and pure.
The time when, every dream sounds so beautiful. The time when hope is not tainted by greed and selfishness.

Because what we love to do can make us happy. When we are happy, we would want to dream again.
And when we dream, we become a better person. 
And that time, everything is possible.


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