November 07, 2010

fairy tale.overrated?

when we were a child, just a child. life seems to be so sleep. and play.

now? we realized how hectic life could be, how cruel the world can act.our life depend entirely on how we act, how we speak. we can only earn things if we pay for it.if we don't want to be looked as a pathetic person we have to worked ourselves out just please others.

when we were little, we used to dream every beautiful things. we like to read fairy tales with happy ending.

how Cinderella met her prince charming
how Jack finally become rich through the giant beanstalk
how Rapunzel manage to escape her miserable life in the tower.
all those stories have one thing in common, if we dream, we are most likely able to achieve it.

but now, in the reality, happy ending does exist, but only few that truly experience it.
dream is gate to achievement.
but as we grow up, the belief seems to fade little by little.

for me, i think fairy tale is not overrated at all. and deep in my heart i still believe that we will gain happiness if we truly seek for it, and be nice to other people.

today might not be a fairy tale. but it's not a horror too^^

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