November 09, 2010

joyful morning!

oh my god guys!
i was checking my email this morning (as usual) when i saw something not-very-usual in my inbox.

"Nuffnang: Invitation to the Premiere Screening of Skyline"

for a moment, i froze. blinking. blinking. processing.
then i finally remember. since i am a new Nuffnanger
i decided to join one of the contest held.

and wooshhhh!
i won 2 free tickets to the premiere screening of skyline!!
and why am i acting overjoyed?

the answer is so simple.
i have NEVER and EVER be so lucky in a contest.

and for this one, i don't even hope to win at all.
i answer the question just to try my luck. again!

and i am lucky. very lucky this time.
so, i got 2 tickets now. all i have to do now is to find  a date  someone to go with.

ouhhh..ouhhh.. i am so blessed nowadays.!

and yay! today is my last final paper!

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