Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

cliche` is stereotype

before this, i hate it when i am a little different than other people.
it makes me feels weird, out of place and insecure

i rather be someone who is invisible rather than different
but someone manage to change that little perspective from me.

it happened about 2 years ago,
my room mate in and i were having a conversation
we were talking and laughing about something funny

i don't really remember how we get to the point where suddenly i say out
" eww..thats weird" while giggling

but one thing i remember her say after that is
" do you prefer to be just like others or do you prefer to be a little different?"

and i without hesitation answered
"a little different"

then i realized, i really dont mind be a little different than be a typical person
and that is how her word help me become myself now

i dont really care what people say about what i do
i will do anything i love as long its not wrong or illegal

well being so cliche` is so boring
why dont we add a little adventure in life

so dont ever feel devastated from now on even people call you names like weirdo or dorks
its better than nothing!
so smile and face the world!


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