November 11, 2010

contest my bestfriend

This is a contest held by cik bulat


" a bestfriend ♥ a sister"

Fun Fact With Miss Liyana

♥ Nur Liyana Binti Zainal Karib
♥ 27 January
♥  Aquarius
♥ Excellent driver ^^
♥ A tall girl, very tall!!
♥ She loves pasta ( learned eating this from her :D)
♥ Netball expert ~~
♥ Soon-To-Be: A lawyer
♥ She don't talk much when she was with strangers, but with her friend
she is fun to be with
♥ A damn good listener
♥ Fashionista! (she looks got in whatever she wear -__-" sooo jealous! lols)
♥ Romantic type~ woot woot! All aquarians are like that ^_* 
♥ Last but not least, she has a bestfriend.. me!

Our Story

Her name is Nur Liyana Bt Zainal Karib
She is the best friend of my life.
Our friendship is almost 7 years old now
And in all those years, we only had one fight and it's only last for one day.

The first time I met her was in 2004
It was my first day in boarding school
And she happens to be my room mate, and my classmate
She is a tall girl, so at first i mistakenly thought she was a senior

We don't really the type who went everywhere together in school
She spend her time with her friends
I also spend time with my other friend

But we understand each other
And we don't need words

Somehow, she can read my mind
And I can too
We will know if the other is mad or unhappy
 And the journey of our seven years friendship went like this

We laugh and cry together.
Sometimes we do some mischievous things together 
And those memories are countless

Actually, we had many differences 
A lot of them

Our fashion sense is different
Our interest is different too
But our differences somehow makes we both complete

There are a lot of moment where she act more like a sister to me
She drives me around with her cute little car
She bought me foods (a lot of foods!)
We sometimes went shopping around

One funny thing is
Almost every time we were together
There will always be something wrong

Either me or her will get a little unlucky
Me twisted my ankle
She ruin her car
We got lost on the road

Even though we have differences
We also have some similarities

We shared the same month of birth which only three days apart
And of course we share the same zodiac
We love taking pictures, and try new food

Sometimes, we went to the cinema
Sometimes, we went to karaoke singing and jumping around
Sometimes, we just spend time at her house

Her family treat me very well
She treat me well
Her boyfriend treat me well

I am thankful to her
She kept my secret
She gave me a lot of present
She do so much thing to me

The one I treasured the most is the card she gave me during our graduation day
And not to forget the heart pillow and the teddy bear!

I can't never be able to imagine my life without her 
And now things will become much better because we will be attending the same university soon!

I hope our friendship will last forever

And one thing she always said to me
That I will never forget is
" Don't let anything stop you from succeeding"

Therefore Liyana
Thanks for being a part of my life
I ♥ You

credit picture: alif zulkefle