November 19, 2010

Yes & No of Festive Season.

When I think about this, if I have to list down some pro's and con's of festive season in my own definition I might have a few on my mind.


The Yes:

  • Festive Season = Holiday! No one hates holiday, it's the best thing ever!Work rush hour, the overload assignments. It's like a 'pause' button on TV's remote control. There's is no better way to escape our life routine!

    • Festive Season = The best time for cam whoring! "I am an attention seeker" I found this word on an ad board in The Garden. Some people says the individual who loves taking pictures of themselves is a type of person who loves attention. For me, I love both taking and posing for pictures. It's fun and when you see the pic again next time, you'll definitely laugh like a fool reminiscing those beautiful moments. So "cam whoring" may sound like a "biatch". But let it be! People can call us whatever they want. It is us to decide to accept is as true or just some stupid jealousy! 

      • Festive Season = Whole lot of new stuffs! New bags? Check! New shoes? Definitely! Cloth and Accessories? Waiting to be wear! Even though that doesn't mean that we can spent our money carelessly, but usually it's the best time to make excuse for new things! I mean, we should at least get a new cloth for ourselves once in a while. There's nothing wrong if we decide to pamper ourselves sometimes. 

        •  Festive Season = Best time for gathering! Meeting with the relatives, our long-lost friends, or even going out with colleagues! This is the best time to slow down our pace and start to get to know the people around us. You have to know people's heart to be comfortable with them. So take the chances! Go have some chit-chat at a cafe, or have some potluck. It'll definitely be a warm and fun time. "Never take the people around you for granted" or you'll live a miserable life.

        The No

        • Festive Season = Weight gain! Rendang! Ketupat and Lemang! Sweet Baverages! High calories cakes and biscuits! If you fail to control your diet. Say hi to the new tenants of your body! The extra 2 kilos fats! There's too much delicious food during festive season and try to count all the festive holiday in Malaysia! If we only take the major celebration, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Eid Qurban, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Chrismast! Imagine all the open house invitation that we all get! All the new stuff might become too stuffy soon!! 

          • Festive Season = The chances of getting sick! Well, with all the foods we have talked about earlier. The cold and spicy stuffs. We might as well get sick. The common one is food poisoning, or extreme coughing due to excessive intake of iced water. High fever could be possible too.  When festive time become a food heaven, we might be too tempted to eat everything that we end up getting MC's in clinic and even have to extend the holiday. Imagine all work and assignments piling up once we get back. One word. One's "worst nightmare". Hahaha!  

            • Festive Season = Show me your money! At times like this, the only thing that will increase is our weight. Right after the holidays, our purse would definitely slimmed down! With all the expenses, the  new stuffs, the toll bills, the petrol money, angpows for the kids. Holiday is the best 'pisau cukur' ever! 

              • Festive Season = The traffic jam and accidents! Accident is the synonym for festive holiday. Too many people died, too many children lost their parents, too many blood! Eww~ the horrible scene. I really can't take it. And also the traffic jam. It's a bit okay for those who drives an automatic car. But for the manual car owner. Well.. says hello to the driving hell!

              So in other words even though festive time is something we should enjoy and have fun with, but a little precaution is necessary. Well~ I don't want to be mistaken as someone else after the holiday with all the weight gain and stuffs! Festive holiday is supposed to be something to be cherished, not something that will become a burden to us. So be a little down-to-earth and let's reduce all the spending on unnecessary things.

              P/s: All the advice is definitely to be applied on myself too! Well.. maybe on the next holiday..So fighting to everyone!! kekeke~

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