December 21, 2010

tutorial: importing your blog to facebook

haha..bila dah update blog
selalunya kita akan post link entri baru dekat facebook kan?kan?

sebenarnya ada cara yang lebih mudah, pantas and berkesan
iaitu dengan import blog kita dalam facebook

so everytime korang update blog
automatically akan dipost kat facebook

just follow this easy steps!

step one: on facebook home->notes 
(you also can find at profile page)

step two: it will show three option-> click on "my notes"

step three: just click on any available notes you have

step four: there will be a "subscribe" option on the left side of page
step five: click on "edit import settings"

step six: follow the 1->2->3 steps

i) insert your blog url or feed url
if you choose to insert feed url, use the adress below and just replace the blog name
for blogger : http//
for wordpress: http://YOURBLOGNAME/feed

ii) check the box to agree
iii) start importing

step seven: when facebook is done importing just click on the "confirm" button to let facebook publish your blog content

and complete!
your blog post will automatically posted!

p/s: you cannot edit the blog content in the facebook notes

so..jadi tak?
kalau tak jadi cakap ehh~

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