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xiaxue.blogspot~best, funny, witty, informative!

blog walking is like a must do thing for most blogger
in order for our blog to grow, we need good networking partner
well, i'm not saying my blog is good enough for me to give tips about blogging

but, i have one tip for you guys

she is a well-known blogger in singapore
and i love her writing so much!

she is witty and funny
her writing give info as well as fun to read

and he blog template is just fabulous!
the picture can change! 
and the variety of the picture!
i can't even count that!

look at these!

nice right? i dont know whether she pays for the design or what
but it really shows her individuality!

and look at those award she get!

cool right! so just click on the link above
especially for the girls!
she does give awesome beauty tips


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