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what i want to do the most even once in my entire lifetime

Do you guys ever thought of something that you feel like you really want to try it? 
At least once?
I do

There is something that i really wanna do
Something that is really scary and not everyone can do it
I think even guys might get hesitant if they think about trying it

I started to get interested in this when i watch it on tv
At first, I didn't think much about it
But these days, when people ask me about the things that I wanted to do in my life

Apart from going to Korea and London
This is the thing that I really really really really want to try
Yes, I emphasized on that four times

And I think it will be costly too
I hope I could do it with someone I care for
Like future unknown husband? ^^

Do you wanna know whats it is?
When you know the answer do you think I could do that someday?
Tell me then!

So, the thing that I wanna do so much
Even once
Even it will cost me a grand
Even it will make me cry first before doing it
Even it will make me scream like crazy 
Even it will make me want to run away
That scary but tempting and interesting thing is


This is the craziest thought I ever had in my entire lifetime
I can be considered as a safe type of person
I don't do risky or dangerous thing
I don't watch horror movies because it's scary

So why on earth I want to try this?

Because when I look at the videos or pictures of people doing this
There is some kind of feeling creeping in my body
I can feel the excitement in the pit of my stomach
I kinda get this 'free' feeling when I was watching it

I do realized that every time I watch bungee jumping video
I do get cold hand and cold feet
My heart was beating so fast
And my hands are wet from the sweat

So how come I will be able to do that?
Watching from afar made me this worried?

Well, i don't care
I really really really really really really really feel like I have to try this.

I don't know when this fateful moment will come
Maybe in six or seven years?

If this blog still exist on that time
I will surely tell you guys but it!


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