Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

okay, she is mad now. she? no it's me

"when trust and friendship i gave is being treated as a useless piece of crap. i won't give a damn about the person anymore. once it's taken away, i can't replace it with a new one. so get the hell out of my life!!"

you, i tried to treat you better so that you won't feel being left out
now you back stabbed everyone, not just me.

friendship is based on a few core things
when one of it is gone
i'm not sure i can treat you better starting from now

i know we can't judge someone based on how long we know them 
but based on how much we know them

it's true, so i tried to know you and not labeling people just because of the outside
we tried to accept your weakness
but sorry, the same kindness won't come again

we don't want to see you again
me too

our ways on doing this might be a little harsh
but you were acting harsher

now i understand why mum says, never believe someone with 100 percent confidence
because if they betray you
you'll feel worst

by the way
thank you for your precious lesson


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