Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

Waking up in 3AM realizing it's 2011 already.

Oh my my.. I missed the countdown
I fell asleep around 10pm
Waking up at 3am realizing it's January 2011 already!
30 days to go before my birthday!

Well first and foremost!
New Year speech!!

My wish! My hope!

My hope for this year that it will be a much better year for me
In every aspect especially studies!
I don't get much luck in 2010
Maybe it's me that is lacking
So for 2011
There is no way I'm letting it to happen again!

Hope this year  would be a year of happiness
Hope my heart will stop playing around
7 years is long enough
I need to forget certain unimportant things
Like that person.
Totally forget that person. Sigh.Sigh

And with this entry I wanna wish Sungmin Oppa a very happy birthday!
Saengil chukahamnida!
Oppa, hope you will have a great year ahead!

Back to the topic

Since people have high expectation on me
I hope I won't let them down anymore
It's too much for me seeing the people I love become sad

I wish for a happier life, a better me
I wish for smooth sailing year
I wish for a change of future

I hope in this new year
 I won't have to face some stupid stupid stupid problem which mostly is not my fault
Totally not mine

I wish for a better health
I wish for more money! $_$ hehe
I wish for you

Things I wanna do in 2011

Sometimes life can be hard.
But I don't want that to spoil the mood!
Let's have a blast in 2011


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