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2010 Vs 2011

In like, a few hours we will be leaving the year 2010 and say hi to the brand new 2011
But before that, I think I should go back to my 2010 timeline
And see/think about the things I have done

First, I should start it with happy thoughts
The best thing in 2010 is when I got the chance to attend Super Junior Concert, Super Show 2 in Bukit Jalil. 
20th March 2010
I don't think I will forget that date
That was like the most awesome night in my life, like ever, so far..

I started my university life in 2010 leaving the so like-hell matriculation life
Well, it's the hectic-ness of matriculation that I hate
But I miss the people that involved in it
AJ, Sue, Nid, Sherry, Nina, Terry, Ayun, Fana, Sya, Aten

I thought my life in UiTM was much better
I got the same room with Farahlina (my ex-roomate in TGB)
The campus is in Shah Alam so I can go back home like in every weekend if I want that
I had high hope that this time everything has become much better
But the biggest spoiler was my first semester examination result
If you ask me about it
I can only say one thing. It sucks. I suck
It was the worst ever.
I felt worst compared to when I get my matri-hell-ation result

So far, mostly my 2010 is like..wth?wtf?wt~~?

But 2010 is rather an important year to me
So, even though mostly it is the most 'wth?' year for me
I don't think I will forget it
It played a significant role in my teenage life
My last teen life

Yes, I'm turning 20 on 2011
Hello adulthood!

Before this, I might say 
I'm not a girl, not yet a woman
But I dont think I can say that as often as I did before

I still think 20 is just a small sum
My youths is still far away from it's end
But I need to act more like an adult now
If I want to be treat like one

So, I would want to say 'Holla!' to 2011
Hope you will bring more happiness for me
Better luck, better education, better love?

And to the 'wth?' 2010
Thank you for teaching me so many things
Even though I want to forget 2010 completely 
I don't think I can
We have that pure love-hate relationship right?

And for my new year resolution?
I think I should keep it for myself
Hope you guys will have a better 2011!


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