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yesterday's car accident. i'm still in my sub-conscious mind till now. thank god, i'm still alive.

 while writing this, thinking about what happen yesterday. it seems so unreal and absurd. we ( farah,syira and me) were coming back from giant seksyen 13 after finished buying stuffs for our new home since i didn't stay in college anymore. after dinner we head out to the parking lot and start loading all the shopping stuffs we had bought, a quite handful one because we need to restock the kitchen's fridge.
  it was a silent journey and everybody was focusing on the road. about 5 min journey from giant, we reached a big roundabout near shah alam stadium and there was the place where all of this happen. everything happen so fast that i can't recall who is at fault and why does the accident happen. all i know is after the moment syira shouts farah's name, there's a loud sound and the sound of broken glasses fills my head.
 i was dumbstruck and sat still at the back seat, when the front car's driver got out and start to yell at us i started to get it and feels some throbbing pain on my knee and chest. since the car model was proton satria, i'm stuck at the back for awhile, with shaking hands and body.
  after i got out from the half crash car, with half functioning brain i went to sat for awhile on the pavement. seeing farah talking to the driver, syira standing still on the side of the road and the shattered pieces of glass everywhere, i started to snap out of it and regain my sense. ignoring the pain on my knee, i went straight to farahlina because she was the most shocked one among us, the other car's driver keep pushing her to pay money to repair the car while farah was having problem to say anything because she was too shocked.
  to make thing worst, my phone credit was too low so i can't make any call while farah's phone ran out of battery. syira had started calling her boyfriend, there was five to six car that stopped to help us. i get a little bit relieved because except for me, farah and syira doesn't get hurt. 
  there was a little fight between the other car drivers that stop to help us with the involved car's driver. since he kept demanding for some money and didn't give us the chance to call our parents. it was loud there and i feel a little bit dizzy and my knee had started to become swollen that i had some difficulties to stand and walk around.
  after about 30 minutes of talking and fighting, we decided to make a report at the police station. we wait for the towing car to arrive while transferring the stuffs we had bought into another helping person car. i was so thankful that there were many kind people that stopped to help us and we didn't even get the chance to say thank you to everyone that had stopped and help.
  around 10pm, we were at the police station (the place i hate the most) making official report of the accident. since i wasn't involve in writing the report neither giving the statement, i was sitting alone in the waiting room. syira was talking to her boyfriend that has arrived a few minutes before. at that time, i felt so lonely and scared. my hand keep searching for someone's number to call, i felt like i have to talk to someone or else i am going to have a major breakdown. the throbbing in the knee started to get worst and i can see the bulge even from the outer of my jeans.
  after everything was settled, we head home. everyone was silent, farah was crying and thankfully i was busy texting my friend so that i didn't take much attention to the fact that we were inside a car. i don't think i will be able to sit happily in a car for awhile.
  at home, nana and ili helped us unpacking the stuffs we bought, farah helped me applied some ice on my left knee, and syafiq called me to make sure everything is okay. i am thankful to everyone. even though the after effect hasn't left me completely that i have missed today koko meeting, but with everyone around i feel a lot better. 
  maybe i will go to the clinic this evening to do some checkup. and i need mc too for skipping today's meeting. this entry might be a little long so whoever finish this, thank you. 


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