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due dates everywhere!

since final is coming near, less than a month now.
so the amount of quizzes, tests, assignments, projects are increasing horribly!

next week, i have one quiz on digital electronics, one test on probability and statistic, one quiz on math logic, one quiz on information system. plus the information system's database project is adding the pressure.

i have to catch up a lot with operating system which is the worst because it feels like i haven't learn anything for the whole semester. *good job anis!* (sarcasm)

study week for this semester is only four days which make it a study days instead of study week!
well, i hope the schedule for this semester examination won't be too near like last semester's. i had enough of 'no sleep' for three consecutive days

my my..this made me really worried

gosh..why did i choose this course before? fail~~ -__-"

whatever..anis fighting!

p/s: have you all ELF listen's to ELFsong written by GodWills and MGIproducer? the beats is full of energy!^^


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