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eww mr.psycho

Well, i thought psychos are imaginary characters created by film producers to entertain people. But in reality they do exist. Duhhh..reading xiaxue's blog post I & II on this one particular psycho made me wanna puke.
(warning: adult content)

I don't know either it's xiaxue or Mr.Psycho is telling the truth. But, reading the post alone make me feel, EUWWWW..

My My, Thank God all my friend are normal even in their own abnormal way.
One more thing, Racism is just for freaks! Boo..Mr Psycho.

P/s: Being too famous could be a burden too..
P/p/s: If you don't know what "Korean Ulzzang"'s actually a trend term for "best-face" people. Well, just googled'll now :p


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