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As thoughts grow in time

friends is happiness ♥

life is too precious to be spent alone
you need someone to share it with
laughing together
crying together 
fighting together
pull prank at each other

friends in our life could become a positive force around us
they might be the other way around too
either to be our angels or the devils
so in this entry
i wanna talk about my "dev-gels" i have met in uitm


okay, now i'm going to stop those nonsense above and get to the point
today was hilarious (to be exact it's yesterday cause it's passed midnight already)

i had one of the best day i ever had since i become uitm shah alam student
(exaggeration, i know..) 
ohhh yeahh.. a day out with my GBS friends are sure fun in their own way

but first, lemme introduce the main character of the story


the king / mastermind / papa SO 
or to be precise , mr. the most 'senget' one ^^

hooyeahhh..itu dia
kebajetan +kesewelan +kesengetan + ke'hyper'an
semua terserlah in just one picture
oppss.. my tounge slips
suppose to write in english
but our papa is tooo 'cheap' for the language..haha

p/s: azlye, nak selca pun agak2 lahhh..ahahaha

now to the next cast

our queen / mommy FA/ gbs advisor
well, the most precise one is 'azly's no 1 scandal/ enemy?'
ala.ala..korang dua lovebirds nih..huahahuaha

see, even looking at the picture
you can feel how much 'senget' she is
and the main point is: she is the oldest among us!
hahaha..big sista! unnie!unnie! errrmm..noona?
p/s: kan KAK fatin kan?

next, it's time to get to know all the cute princesses 

first is the birthday girl!
princess DO

ouhhhh..glamor doooo
gila doooo
senget doooo

see, everything suit her 
because she is the 'do'
oppsss no, it should be read in longer tone

p/s: would like to wish her happy birthday again^^
p/p/s: give a deep thought on my proposal, klu tak, pulangkan cincin+bunga balik!!

okay, next two~

princess noor and princess syud
or actually miss RE and miss MI

ohoooo...itu dia our miss RE
for her, what should i say
ermm. ahaa.. the founder of gbs group in facebook! lol
p/s: cik noor, jagalah ang bday taun nihh hadiah 'mak glitter' kitorang bagi..huahua

and miss MI
little syud :)
i've been trying to look for her most 'senget' picture
but never find it
so, next mission is to take syud's most 'senget' picture

p/s: jagalah syud, mamarazzi and paparazzi akan stalk anda

now, it's miss TI

cik fida!!
hahhh, tengok, besau betol mata..haha
well, she is not present in today's occasion
but next time it's your turn! hahaha

last but not list!
me! miss LA! miss Los Angeles! 
hoyeahhh..jangan jelous okay! farah yang bagi nama..hehe

firstly, i don't get it why am i'm getting involved with all these GBS people
see, i am the most less 'senget' here
kan? kan?

btw, it's nice to find you guys
i'm looking forward for more 'senget' activties in the future!

and lastly
our special guests for yesterday's event


haha, btw kesian guest utama ni
sebab after event, dah bertukar!!!
jadi nihh


nak penuhh je kan satu muka dengan glitter
hhaaha, ini semua angkara dua skandal gbs
which is azly and fatin

btw yon~ thanks for coming and joining us!

ohhh not to forget
our two honorable guest!

mr lalat


mr labi-labi

yeahhh..itu dia
our BO and our DO


well, to conclude everything
it was nice to have you guys here in uitm :)
and please anticipate the Part 2 of our story

i'm going to reveal atin's and azly's most scandalous pictures
hahahah! *evil laugh*

azly says: ehhh,,nyah tak suka tauuu!


credit pictures: mr google and facebook^^


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