April 29, 2011

william-kate royal wedding! this is epic! while this one is not epic at all..malaysia kpop group?

this is some pictures from william-kate royal wedding today
this is super epic
a reality fairytale
and kate's dress is nice! simple yet elegant ^^

    does kate has the princess quality like her mother-in-law princess diana? we'll see

and hope they'll live happily ever after :D
while this one is not epic at all

new malaysia's kpop group

24:7 and Gula-Gula

Oh Emmm Gee?!!

Macam tak tahu nak tiru Super Junior and SNSD

mari tengok kaki yerrr
and the tengok kaki ini pula yerrr
kawan-kawan! snsd tu bukan orang islam
yang si gula-gula tu? 
and puhlissss lahhh, kaki anda, beza mcam langit dengan bumi
tak boleh cari concept yang lain ke?

ouhhh pendek nya skirt? tapi kan..macam familiar lah outfit ni!
hoyeahhh, no wonder! 
yang girls generation ni tiru style pakaian seragam sekolah dekat korea
so wth korang pun sibuk nak pakai concept ni jugak??

ikut lah style baju sekolah malaysia!


Girls Generation (GG)

even with the same initials?? sabar je lah?

tak tahu lah
but for me this GG from Malaysia and that GG from Korea is different
In SO many ways

and this one is for the Super Junior version of Malaysian's KPOP

ohhh ohhh ohhhh, nama group dah nak macam 2PM dah, members ramai macam  Super Junior

and you are actually trying to copy this?
and this one? 
haha, concept nak dekat sama.fail again. 
jangan lah jadikan benda ni penyebab orang cakap rakyat malaysia ni tak creative!
aegyo (acting cute)?

try competing with this boys! 

ni yang paling tak tahan! bare upper body?! what are you trying to show? abs? six packs?
perlu ke??!!
to compare is a shame enough -___-"

all i could say is that at least they should work out more!

Korang-korang, i cakap ni bukan sebab i peminat sejati KPOP 
but this is too much

tolonglah cari identiti sendiri
why on earth are you trying to copy KPOP style??

eventhough i minat KPOP
doesn't mean i tak dengar lagu melayu

i did say this before
that i like yuna and also i like aizat
takdelah nak cakap malaysia punya entertainment ni hampehhh langsung

why i like yuna and aizat?
first diorang ada style sendiri
performance diorang pun unik
selain tahu menyanyi diorang pandai compose lagu sendiri
takdelah harap muka handsome and body solid semata-mata

btw, even though i'm not a big fan of her
but i think anna raffali is good too!
because she created her own concept which is baju kurung
how marvelous is that??

hurmmmm, sudahlah
dari terus-terusan merapu gini
i better start studying
tomorrow ada dua paper
management and math logic
study sampai rabaklah nampaknya :D

things i wanna do right after exam

1- sleep for endless hours
2- watch korean movie sampai laptop meletop
3- pergi lepak-lepak kat rumah sepupu aku dan menghabiskan beras ibu (my aunt)
4- downloads semua drama korea, variety show sampai streamyx kat rumah aku melebihi had
5- pergi jalan-jalan camwhoring dengan liyana!
6- cari kerja so that wishlist 2011 aku tercapai
7- simpan semua notes biar bersawang

hahahah!! lagi tiga paper je!!! fighting ^^

April 28, 2011

dear heart: one more advice

dear heart, don't rush
you'll find it one day


i know
but i still can't do it because

so at 6:31 am in the morning
i'm sending this to you 

specially for you

dear mr cho kyuhyun

i'm critical. i know.lol


it's awkward
very much 

aigoo~ hope the situation will feels better soon :)

Super Junior M is Coming!!!

I am super happy!
Super Junior M is coming to town!
And it's on a free concert during Hari Belia 2011 in Putrajaya
Can you believe that?? The goverment actually approved this!! OMG!! Thanks Pak Najib!!
So what's with all the fuss with KPOP fans has a tendency to commit suicide??!!

Btw, I found an article written by a Malaysian ELF to counter attack the article
Natasha Iman! You rock!!
Well, i know that since I knew you in Chocofam!

This is the copy!

p/s: dekattt mcd kota kamunting!! stay up!!

An Intelligent Post By An Intelligent KPOP fan on the current issue saying that KPOP fans has a tendency to commit suicide

Why so negative?

I STILL remember vividly the precise moment the stadium went dark and a sapphire blue sea of light emerged from the darkness, not to mention the thousands of screaming fans united and chanting in a foreign language that most would not have understood.
That was during the Korean boy band Super Junior’s concert in Kuala Lumpur, and I was there with thousands of other euphoric K-pop fans. Yes, we were screaming our lungs out, and we gushed over them. But we were just teenagers having some fun.
Precisely one month and five days after that memorable concert, the bubble burst when I came across an article in the vernacular newspaper on teenage K-pop fans who were described as fanatical.
The article outlined the negative influences of K-Pop, which also included fans committing suicide in extreme cases. If that wasn’t enough to enrage an entire congregation of fan girls, they labelled K-pop fans as spendthrifts who should be better educated on how to spend their money.
There were even quotes from local “experts” to support these stereotypes, and they clearly did not know much about Korean pop music.
South Korean group Super Junior has a huge fan base in Malaysia.
Reading all that gave me an insight on how K-pop fans are viewed through the eyes of outsiders.
Perhaps fans who squeal and scream at the sight or sound of our favourite idol entertainers are just too perplexing and even alarming to some, to the extent that the psychiatrist quoted in the article is warning parents that they should control their children’s obsession with pop stars.
I am an active K-pop fan. But being a fan is not an obsession, it is merely a hobby that I have to alleviate stress. It allows me to enter a whole new dimension of reality in which I play for a few hours in a day. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we mimic everything our favourite stars do.
There have been news of Korean artistes committing suicide, but the reality is that K-pop fans do not have the “If you jump, I jump too”, mentality.
With more than three K-pop groups appearing in the music scene every month, fans simply move onto other younger and current groups rather than resort to extreme actions.
Among my wide circle of K-pop friends, I’d say that we have done some positive things. In the wake of the double tragedy in Japan, fans witnessed stars such as Kim Hyun Joong, a member of the popular South Korean boy band SS501, and major companies such as SM Entertainment donating money amounting up to almost RM2.7mil.
Not long after that, many fundraising activities were initiated by communities of K-pop fans to raise money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
However, that wasn’t the first time that K-pop themed charity projects have been launched in Malaysia. Other projects such as the “1:59 Charity Show” by the Malaysian 2PM fans to raise money for the underprivileged have also been successful. But the K-pop effect is more than taking part in ocassional activities.
Walking into the world of K-pop means that you do not only enjoy the music, you also become naturally curious about it’s language and culture in the process.
Many K-pop fans in Malaysia are taking up Korean as a third language in order to enjoy song lyrics, and be able to watch the shows their favourite idols are on without having to rely on subtitles.
Through listening to K-pop and having friends around with the same passion, I have been able to pick up Korean rather easily. I am always motivated to learn Korean so I can understand what my favourite idol is saying. And of course all fan girls dream of meeting their favourite idols, and being able to speak to them in Korean.
For most K-pop fans, learning Korean initially was just so that they could understand Korean music and shows. But many of these K-pop fans move on to either continue their tertiary education in Korea or end up working for Korean companies based in Malaysia where the fluency in both English and Korean become highly valuable.
While many youngsters love K-pop bands like SS501, it is silly to think that every fan will do every single thing that their idol does.
So in the end, it’s a long-term investment that opens up so many other doors of opportunities for Malaysian youths.
Through learning the language, fans also learn about Korean culture. The emphasis of honorifics is emphasised from the first Korean lesson. The different levels of respect between younger people, friends of the same age, those that are older than you and you’re boss greatly differ, and it affects your behaviour among your peers.
Without realising it, most fans tend to carry that culture into their daily life and have become more cautious about the way they speak and how they behave in front of adults.
Being infatuated with K-pop also opens up a room for mutual understanding and a chance for Malaysians to understand a new culture.
Understanding the Korean culture has made me appreciate the diverse culture that we have here in Malaysia. I have never been more willing to take time out and understand other cultures found in my own home instead of just living parallel to it.
Although most people would say I am biased towards K-pop, I believe we need more measured and rational viewpoints of K-pop fans. What the media reports is what people read, and it’s misleading when these reports warn people to be suspicious of youths who love K-pop.
Most K-pop fans are just average teenagers having a little fun ... as the Sony PlayStation 2 campaign tagline goes, “live in your world, play in ours”.

Natsaha Iman is 16, and balances her studies with her duties as the administrator of a K-pop forum.

So proud!! Glad that I know her!! She is brilliant! Natasha!! You rock!!

April 27, 2011

selamat pagi semua :D

selamat pagi semua 
mesti semua orang dah nak bangun subuh and siap-siap pergi kerja/kelas

huhu.i baru lah siap study
so baru mahu tidur
jadi good mornight^^

paper digital start petang

suara seorang suami dan ayah, tips menasihati anak-anak

assalamualaikum! hai korang!!
terbaca artikel ni dekat facebook
menarik! untunglah siapa dapat suami macam ini :)

Lebih kurang tiga minggu yang lepas saya membawa
isteri ke 'Mahkota Medical Centre', dia mengadu
kepada saya kepalanya pening, rasa mual dan badanya
lenguh-lenguh. Saya tanya dia"mengandung kot?" Dia
kata tak ada. Oleh kerana 2-3 hari macam tu saja,saya
bawak dia jumpa doktor dan ternyata.... isteri saya
mengandung dua bulan. Emmm saya dah agak dah.Maka
bermulalah cerita baru dan haluan sejarah masa
depan akan pastinya berubah lagi.

Dia akan merasa loya dengan bau yang sebelum ini
senang baginya, termasuklah bau badan saya. Morning
sickness yang teruk sekali bagi isteri
saya.Kasihan sungguh, terbaring saja sepanjang masa.
Makan tak boleh, minum tak nak, apa pun tak nak.
Adakalanya isteri saya semalaman tak dapat tidur,
kadang-kadang tu asyik nak tidur saja. Selesai saja
solat Isyak dah masuk bilik. Pada awalnya saya tidur
kat luarlah sebab dia tak boleh bau badan saya.
Saya fahamlah orang mengandung memang macam tu,
sekarang ni dah boleh tidur dengan saya dan saya
sudah tahu macamana nak elakan insomnia yang
dialaminya, iaitu dengan membaca Al-Quran
sehingga isteri saya terlelap.Memang kebiasaan
sebelum mengandung pun saya akan membaca
Al-Quran diatas katil di sisi isteri sebelum tidur
sehinggalah dia terlelap.

Sekarang saya terus membaca Al Quran disisinya
sebagai ubat tidur bagi isteri dan anak dalam
kandungan. Adakalanya sampai 2-3 jam.Bukan itu
sahaja, saya juga sentiasa bercakap-cakap dengan
janin dalam perutnya. Perkara yang mula-mula saya
ceritakan padanya ialah tentang tauhid. Saya bermula
kitab pertama yang saya pelajari dahulu iaitu kitab
'Kasyaful Mahjub'. Mungkin ada pembaca yang berkata
saya terlalu ghairah, kebarangkalian untuk janin
survive masih tipis. Tapi mana ada ayah yang tak
berharapan. Segarang-garang harimau pun tak makan
anak, apatah lagi saya. Apa yang akan berlaku pada
kemudian hari adalah diluar bidang kuasa
saya. Siapa saya untuk mempersoalkanya.

Saya bercerita kepadanya tentang Allah,
zat, sifat, asma, afal. Dan cerita itu kembali
bercerita kepada diri saya. Adayang menghantar
email dan bertanya bagaimana mahu mensihati anak agar
tidak degil. Jawapan yang mahu saya nyatakan bukan hanya
untuk anak tetapi untuk sesiapa sahaja terutamanya
yang mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan kita.Tak
kiralah anak, isteri atau suami. Bagaimana?

1. Semasa anak atau isteri kita sedang tidur inilah
waktu yang paling sesuai terutamanya diwaktu dua
pertiga malam, kerana fikiran bawah sedarnya(sub
conscius mind) adalah paling optimum ketika
ini. Yang tidur hanyalah conscius mind (minda sedar).

2.Sentuhkan ibu jari anda ke langit-langit dan
kemudian sentuhlah dengan halus ibu jari anda ke
ubun - ubun orang yang ingin anda nasihati.

3. Semasa ibu jari diatas ubun-ubun selawatlah
ke atas junjungan Nabi Muhamad dan bacalah surah al
fatihah. Kemudian terus dengan berzikir didalam
hati dan jangan putuskan zikir anda.

4. Angkat ibu jari anda,kalau boleh janganlah
di putuskan zikir didalam hati dan bercakaplah
dengan suara yang agak perlahan agar tidak sampai
mengejutkanya. Beritahulah apa yang ingin anda
beritahunya. Kebiasaannya saya akan menasihati
isteri saya agar tidak selalu melewatkan solat,banyakkan
berselawat, banyak bersabar.

Nasihatilah orang yang anda sayangi dengan apa
sahaja nasihat yang anda inginkan. Jangan putuskan zikir
anda, supaya zikir itu masuk bersama dengan nasihat

5. Anda akan dapat melihat reaksi yang dia sedang
menerima pernyataan anda iaitu kelopak matanya
bergerak-gerak. Insyallah saya doakan diri saya dan
anda berjaya dengan kaedah ini.

Pernah di zaman Imam Abu Hanifah (Hanafi An
Nu'man), seseorang pernah bertanya kepada bapa
Imam Abu Hanifah. "Tuan, bagaimanakah tuan mendidik
sehingga begini istimewa jadinya. Jawab bapa Imam
Abu Hanifah "Aku didik Hanafi 40 tahun sebelum dia
dilahirkan". Kalau didengar pernyataan ini tentu
aneh bagi kita bukan. Bagaimana mungkin manusia yang
belum dilahirkan sudah di didik. Namun apa yang ingin
disampaikan oleh Tsabit (bapa Imam Abu Hanifah)
ialah dia sendiri telah diasuh, manakala isterinya juga
sudah di didik dan Hanafi sendiri sudah dididik sejak
dari kandungan lagi. Saya beri anda satu logik
akal, acuan yang bulat mana mungkin menghasilkan kuih
segiempat. Begitu juga dengan anak dan isteri
kita. Mereka adalah cermin kepada diri kita

Saya bacakan kisah ini kepada janin yang sedang
membesar dalam perut isteri saya. Saya sentiasa
berdoa agar dia terus membesar dan dilindungi Allah
sebagaimana Allah memelihara Imam Abu Hanifah. Saya
nasihatkan dia dengan nasihat yang disuarakan oleh
Luqman Al Hakim kepada anaknya. Saya bacakan kisah
para rasul, para nabi,wali songo, tujuh wali melayu
kepadanya. Cuma isteri saya menasihati agar suara
saya tidak terlalu kuat, bimbang didengar oleh jiran, apa
pula kata mereka nanti.

Dalam kepekatan malam, isteri saya sudah pun yenyak
dibuai mimpi. Saya baru selesai membaca surah yasin
disisi isteri hingga dia terlelap. Saya kehalaman
rumah, mahu merenung langit malam, satu-satunya hobi
saya semenjak kecil semenjak di rumah anak-anak
yatim piatu, saya bawa hingga kini. Langit agak terang
bersih. Saya bersandar dibangku marmar. Kalau isteri
saya sihat pastinya dia menemani saya disini, kami
akan bercerita tentang segala-galanya, tentang masa
depan, tentang anak, tentang cinta, tentang tuhan.

Saya terus merenung langit malam, saya anak yatim
piatu yang ditinggalkan ditengah padangrumput,sehingga
sekarang tidak diketahui siapa ibu ayah saya. Kini
saya akan menjadi ayah. Bermula dari saya akan wujud
salasilah keturunan yang baru.Saya bertekad dalam
hati, Insyallah jika anak ini lahir, dia tidak akan
saya biarkan membesar seperti saya. Dia tidak akan saya
biarkan menagih kasih dirumah kebajikan.Dia tidak
akan melalui zaman pahit seperti saya. Dia tidak perlu
dibohongi yang teddy bear adalah'mama'nya seperti
saya. Air mata ini mengalir lagi. Mudah benar ia
tumpah.Oh! janganlah tumpah lagi.Sudah terlalu
banyak tertumpah.Kalau mahu tumpah biarlah ketika sujud
menyembah ilahi.Pesan guruku air mata lelaki
jangan ditumpahkan sia-sia.

Saya tidak mahu terus melayan perasaan,segera saya
kuncikan pintu dan ke kamar tidur.Isteri saya
telah pun nyenyak dibuai mimpi.Inilah 'bintang timur'
dalam hidup saya.Ia sentiasa bersinar cemerlang dalam
hidup saya,memberi harapan,keyakinan,kesetiaan dan
cintanya kepada saya.Insyallah tidak lama lagi,akan
muncul 'bintang timur kecil' dalam hidup saya

April 26, 2011

staying up~ chingguuuu!!

preparation for digital electronics!
actually banyak nak tulis but cam buang masa
so enjoy a few camwhoring moment! lol
a single picture can describe a thousand meanings!

camwhore itu penting untuk tunjuk bukti ^^

kakak bajet comel..huhu

ohhhh besarnya muka aku..

dari kiri: wan, fida, azly. cuba teka sapa paling senget?
hint: what you see doesn't necessarily be the truth
tangan kakak bergetar, gambar adik anis and noor dah goyang! cis!!

p/s: tribute to farah yang sedang enak dibuai mimpi dirumah. mungkin? hahaha

apa kena mengena suicide dengan kpop fan? salah ke kami minat kpop?

hai korang :)
sekarang ni tengah lepak-lepak kat kfc. 
buat study group untuk pape digital electronics. fighting~!!

tapi kan ada satu isu ni menyebabkan i sentap sangat
korang baca tak paper berita harian?
yang pasal ni?

yee..inilah topik kita pada malam yang serba indah ini.
dah lama tak debate ni, memang berkobar-kobar nak counter attack isi kandungan paper ini

firstly, i sendiri mengaku, memang fan kpop ni sanggup berhabis duit untuk artis favourite diorang kan?
and i mengaku ada yang fanatik habis

jangan sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga kan??
kenapa nak kena cakap just kpop??
kenapa tak cakap as a fanatic fan?
sebab peminat artis hollywood pun ada berhabis duit jugak
peminat justin bieber etc? (no offense sbb i pun layan je jb nih)
kenapa tak nak cakap?

and sedangkan dalam malaysia ni
ada banyak lagi isu bazir duit
like orang-orang yang beli nombor ekor tu
or yang berjudi dekat genting tu
lagilah terang-terang tak elok
yang pergi clubbing malam-malam tu
tak mau jadi isu?
masuk club bukan pakai seringgit dua

so nak cakap lebih-lebih pasal fan kpop ni
sampai tahap kata ada possibility bunuh diri

okay, memang ada artis korea yang bunuh diri
and statistic bunuh diri kat korea sangat tinggi

but apa kena mengena dengan fan kat malaysia ni?
so far takde lagi case bunuh diri sebab kpop ni kan?
yang berlambak-lambak bunuh diri sebab putus cinta tu?
kenapa tak jadikan isu cerita and novel cinta boleh sebabkan orang bunuh diri.
yelah dalam novel cintan-cintun tu kan selalu cakap, 'i can't live without you'
takde pulak nak cakap pape

so? so? nak jadi cerita
jangan lah nak buat isu untuk timbulkan rage fans kpop kat malaysia
because semua ada minat sendiri kan?
asalkan bukan drugs ke, gambling ke, hidu gam ke, fine lah kan
lagipun sampai bila je fan ni nak fanatik
zaman muda biasalah, takkan time dah kahwin pun semua akan over macam time teenage kan?

kalau sebab isu ni
cerita korea tetiba kena banned ke
memang i pergi bakorr je orang yang terlibat..huhu just kidding

tolong lah, whatever you guys yang tak minat korea ni nak cakap
sekurang-kurangnya drama korea yang kitorang ni takde lah love scene lebih-lebih

can't you guys just respect what others like so that they can respect you the same way you wanted?
hurmmm..itulah sahaja potpetpotpet malam ni
my blog jelah tempat untuk marah-marah tanpa susahkan hati orang lain.

maaf kalau ada yang tersinggung

p/s: nasib baik dia tak letak gambar super junior, kalau tak memang aku boikot paper ni!
p/p/s: to my friends, do you guys think that i'm the type to kill myself just for others?! not in a zillion years!!

April 24, 2011

i'm scared to go home and meet mum and dad

that title proves how bad my paper was so far
operating system
probability and statistics
object-oriented programming

you guys made me cry today
after those sleepless night
sob sob sob :'(

am i going to dissatisfy my parent again??

April 22, 2011

memang nak kena bakor!

siapa kat sini student uitm yang sedang stress nak final nihhh?? aku rasa nak tubuhkan kelab anti-uitm!!
stress betul lah, orang tengah tension nak amek paper operating system esok ni tetiba student portal tak boleh bukak. paham tak bahawa notes yang lecturer bagi ni bagaikan bahasa alien yang susah nak di decode??? so i need another notes from another lecturer that mean, I HAVE TO BE ABLE to open the i-learn portal.

seriouslyyyy, are you trying to make fun of me? i'm trying to study here!

i have no idea what abstraction actually mean, and now i'm struggling trying to understand the function of interrupt handler. so can't you be nice to me? for like tonight?? i've keep refreshing the page for a thousand times now. and nothing!!

i might not be able to sleep tonight. and now i'm near to being nuts. no wonder the author of the book have a surname of Nutts, i bet Operating System drives him nuts tooo. I'm sorry Mr.Gary for saying this.

Huhhhh.... memang rasa nak bakor je uitm nihhhh :(

pinocchio...danger :O

this is the last entry before i went to sleep
i can't take anymore of operating system or whatsoever

this is f(x) latest music video

enjoy :D

getting rids of the sleepiness

I am so sleepy right now, but i still have to finish my studies. So, a little break might help :D
So let's play tagging game! It's been awhile..hehe
Btw, I have no idea either I have done this before or not..kekeke ^^

NAME: Anis Farhana Aliman
BIRTH DATE:  30 Jan 1991

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. (too lazy to do this)


1. last beverage : Nescafe Mocha
2. last phone call: Wafa Unnie, Statistic classmate
3. last text message: Lovey Liyana, goodluck wish from her for exam! fighting!!
4. last song you ever listened to: Aku dan Dirimu, Ari Lasso ft Bunga Cinta Lestari, since i put my player on shuffle :D
5. last time you cried: Yesterday?


6. dated someone twice= nope
7. been cheated =  yes
8. kissed someone & regretted it= no way
9. lost someone special= yes
10. been depressed= yes, more than occasionally
11. been drunk and threw up = nope. 


12. Blue (all kind of tones)
13. Pink (the brighter the better? lol, kidding, all kind of shades too)
14. Green (lately, but i think it'll change soon. i never stick on the same one for the third option..hhehe)


15. Made a new friend= Yes, of course :D
16. Fallen out of love= Nope, I guess I'm still stuck on the 7 years ago love.
17. Laughed until you cried= Yes,  considerable a lot.
18. Met someone who changed you=  Nope. I guess?
19. Found out who your true friends were = Yes.Yes.Yes!
20. Found out someone was talking about you = I think so? I can't remember since it was so last year. Haha
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list =  My little brother :D


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life= 70 %, others are ELFs and some unknown people.
24. Do you have any pets =Yes, a cat at home.
25. Do you want to change your name = Nope, I love my mine enough to get stucked with it forever ^3<
26. What did you do for your last birtday = This year's birthday is the worst ever :( 
27. What time did you wake up today = afternoon? i can't remember.lol
28. What were you doing at midnight last night =  cooking. haha
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = currently: for the exams to end :((
30. Last time you saw your Mother = last tuesday. i miss mum
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = my weight? kidding. i wish i have a lot of money. hehe
32. What are you listening to right now = Rindu Bayangan by Carefree.
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = no
35. Most visited webpage = Facebook , Twitter , Blogger. I'm addicted to internet
 37. Nickname = KB (the one i remember most and left a deep impression on me)
38. Relationship Status: single, but unavailable. my heart was taken unknowingly
39. Zodiac sign = Aquarius (nope, this is not based on the new zodiac sign)
40. He or She =  I'm a she, he's a he :D
41. Elementary = SKDTHO 
42. High School = MRSM Pasir Salak/ MRSM TGB
43. College = Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan/ UiTM Shah Alam
44. Hair color = Black
45. Long or short = Short
46. Height = 158 cm (yeah, sad )
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = I'm quite certain that it's not a crush
48. What do you like about yourself? = My cheerfullness and I'm quite a positive-thinker
49. Piercings = Yup, but no function. I'm allergic to earrings TT
50. Tattoos = No
51. Righty or lefty = Righty :)


52. First surgery =None
53. First piercing =Form 1, 2004, KLCC Kuala Lumpur
54. First best friend = Liyana Zainal
55. First sport you joined = Hurm..I'm not a sporty person. So I don't really remember. Petanque?
56. First vacation = Port Dickson? Seriously. how can i remember?
57. First pair of trainers = Again, no idea
58. First crush = I think when I was in kindergarten.LOL.childhood crush.cute..hehe


59. Eating = Nope
60. Drinking = Nope
61. I'm about to = continue reading on Operating System Organizatiob
62. Listening to = Mahakarya Cinta by Faizal Tahir
63. Waiting for = Him. Always. But it's no use :((


64. Want kids? = Yes.Twins! But sadly, no history on my family side. All hope now goes to my future hubby
65. Get Married? = Of course!
66. Career? = As I'm majoring in Netwroking, maybe in sciences and technology sector. But, i want to set up a business


67. Lips or eyes = Eyes
68. Hugs or kisses = Depends
69. Shorter or taller = Taller
70. Older or Younger = Same age? LOL
71. Romantic or spontaneous = Both,being spontaneous makes it romantic
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = preferable both.hehe
73. Sensitive or loud = I'm sensitive and loud enough.haha
74. Hook-up or relationship= Relationship
 75. Hesistant or trouble maker = I rather not


76. Kissed a stranger = NO.
77. Drank hard liquor = NO
80. Broke someone's heart = Hope not
81. Had your own heart broken = Yes. 
82. Been arrested = Nope.
83. Turned someone down = I think yes.
84. Cried when someone died = Yes.
85. Fallen for a friend = Never thought I will. But, I did. 


86. Yourself = yes :)
87. Miracles = yes. always~
88. Love at first sight = yes~
89. Heaven = YES YES YES.
90. Santa Claus = NO
91. Kiss on the first date= NO.
92. Angels = yes!