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william-kate royal wedding! this is epic! while this one is not epic at all..malaysia kpop group?

this is some pictures from william-kate royal wedding today this is super epic a reality fairytale and kate's dress is nice! simple yet elegant ^^

and hope they'll live happily ever after :D while this one is not epic at all epic-fail

new malaysia's kpop group
24:7 and Gula-Gula
Oh Emm…

things i wanna do right after exam

1- sleep for endless hours
2- watch korean movie sampai laptop meletop
3- pergi lepak-lepak kat rumah sepupu aku dan menghabiskan beras ibu (my aunt)
4- downloads semua drama korea, variety show sampai streamyx kat rumah aku melebihi had
5- pergi jalan-jalan camwhoring dengan liyana!
6- cari kerja …

dear heart: one more advice

dear heart, don't rush you'll find it one day

i know but i still can't do it because

so at 6:31 am in the morning i'm sending this to you 

specially for you

dear mr cho kyuhyun
i'm critical. i


it's awkward very much 
aigoo~ hope the situation will feels better soon :)

Super Junior M is Coming!!!

I am super happy! Super Junior M is coming to town!
And it's on a free concert during Hari Belia 2011 in Putrajaya Can you believe that?? The goverment actually approved this!! OMG!! Thanks Pak Najib!! So what's with all the fuss with KPOP fans has a tendency to commit suicide??!! Nonsense!!

An Intelligent Post By An Intelligent KPOP fan on the current issue saying that KPOP fans has a tendency to commit suicide

Why so negative?
By NATASHA IMAN I STILL remember vividly the precise moment the stadium went dark and a sapphire blue sea of light emerged from the darkness, not to mention the thousands of screaming fans united and chanting in a foreign language that most would not have understood. That was during t…

selamat pagi semua :D

selamat pagi semua  mesti semua orang dah nak bangun subuh and siap-siap pergi kerja/kelas
huhu.i baru lah siap study so baru mahu tidur jadi good mornight^^
paper digital start petang hehehe..yoshhh..fighting!!

staying up~ chingguuuu!!

preparation for digital electronics! study!! fighting!! actually banyak nak tulis but cam buang masa so enjoy a few camwhoring moment! lol a single picture can describe a thousand meanings!

apa kena mengena suicide dengan kpop fan? salah ke kami minat kpop?

hai korang :) sekarang ni tengah lepak-lepak kat kfc.  buat study group untuk pape digital electronics. fighting~!!
tapi kan ada satu isu ni menyebabkan i sentap sangat korang baca tak paper berita harian? yang pasal ni?

yee..inilah topik kita pada malam yang serba indah ini. dah lama tak debate ni, meman…

i'm scared to go home and meet mum and dad

that title proves how bad my paper was so far operating system probability and statistics object-oriented programming
you guys made me cry today after those sleepless night sob sob sob :'(
am i going to dissatisfy my parent again??

memang nak kena bakor!

siapa kat sini student uitm yang sedang stress nak final nihhh?? aku rasa nak tubuhkan kelab anti-uitm!!stress betul lah, orang tengah tension nak amek paper operating system esok ni tetiba student portal tak boleh bukak. paham tak bahawa notes yang lecturer bagi ni bagaikan bahasa alien yang susah…

pinocchio...danger :O

this is the last entry before i went to sleep i can't take anymore of operating system or whatsoever
this is f(x) latest music video DANGER
enjoy :D

getting rids of the sleepiness

I am so sleepy right now, but i still have to finish my studies. So, a little break might help :D So let's play tagging game! It's been awhile..hehe Btw, I have no idea either I have done this before or not..kekeke ^^
NAME: Anis Farhana Aliman BIRTH DATE:  30 Jan 1991
Rules: Once you've been…

for mama

even though you nags all the time even though i act like i didn't care even though we fights all the time even though we never reach to an agreement even though i'm still lacking in being a good daughter even though i made you cry even though you scold me and i cry even though we doesn't talk …

renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal :D

salam semua ^^ sebenarnya i baru balik dari library, sebab sekarang ni study week  kita kena lah buat extra effort for extra achievement kan? cuma, time dalam library tadi, hujan sangatlah lebat bila hujan, apa akan jadi? confirm lah mata akan mengantuk kan??
so, untuk mengelakkan dari tertido, i pun bor…


when this :) means this :( and when :D is actually this :'(
that is fake. everyone does this

one sentence

because of that very one sentence from you you keep me chained until now and even though i'm not sure whether you mean it or not i never forget.
so i wish i can hate you
i have once walk under the sun along the beach bare footed and smiling i used to dance along the caress of the wind while listening to the music in the air
my life used to be so carefree happy and blissful  enjoying and appreciating  the moment was full of joy
one day, storm came with strong wind i became d…

i have the feeling

"i really have that feeling, that someday, at someplace, and sometime, i will be meeting you again. maybe it'll be something totally unexpected, or it might also be something i'm looking forward to, or it might be at a time where i wish it didn't happen at all.
but no matter how it …

am i meant to be a failure?

exam is approaching i am all stressed out
i don't want to fail  this is mental. i mean the feeling
but i came across this on tumblr.

yeah, it's true, all i have to do is to try my best yoshhh!! anis hwaiting!! himnae!! 

setanding matluthfi90 and IniAnwarHadi?maybe better?

I think I found one more new Vloggers which have a high potential to be famous

p/s: i love how he sounds when he speaks in

and ohh yes, will you marry me? lol.
joking..joking :)

The Secret Of Super Junior's No Other MV

So, that was the secret. Haha. Who ever did this. Sweet! ^^

Disney Conspiration

Dear Walt Disney, this is too much. Like seriously. LOL

he is definitely someone you love when:

the last point. ouchhh

even your stupid, lame, outdated joke sounds funny

goodnight. see you in my dreams
p/s: adding one more, when in a crowd, you can always feel his presence and find him

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