Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

i have the feeling

"i really have that feeling, that someday, at someplace, and sometime, i will be meeting you again. maybe it'll be something totally unexpected, or it might also be something i'm looking forward to, or it might be at a time where i wish it didn't happen at all.

but no matter how it turns out to be, i really wish that time i will be able to smile, i hope that meeting won't be as painful as it is before. i really don't understand how this works actually because meeting and not meeting feels almost the same. like a sharp blade being pierced deep into my heart."

emotionally unstable. yes, this is the state i'm in now.
damn you examination, you're stressing me out enough to make me remember the painful side of my life.

go get a life anis. a real one. because the one you're living in now is sad.


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